The Patriot Post® · Obama Delivers the Kiss of Death

By Burt Prelutsky ·

It finally happened. All the black candidates dropped out. Then Bernie Sanders dropped out. At long last, Obama had no option but to either endorse Joe Biden or vote for Donald Trump. So, after flipping a coin, he came out for the last person he wanted to see on the ballot in November.

I suspect that Biden, the man who kept his lips locked on Obama’s butt for eight long years, was asking himself “Where was the schmuck when I needed him before turning things around in North Carolina?”

He may still be grateful for the belated endorsement, but he shouldn’t be. Obama has a miserable record when it comes to electing anyone but himself. Whether he was trying to help some Democrat win a governorship or a Senate seat, Obama’s record has been abominable. By now, he must be something like 0-40.

Heck, even campaigning with Michelle in Georgia, a state that is 31% black, the two of them couldn’t get Stacey Abrams into the governor’s mansion. Democrats would insist, as the Obamas and Ms. Abrams have been doing for the past two years, that she lost because of voter suppression. It’s a tough argument to make because in a state with a population of 10,500,000 – 3,150,000 of whom are black – she received nearly two million votes. Her problem was that Brian Kemp received 55,000 more than her. It hardly seems like voter suppression when 74% of all registered voters, including blacks, cast votes in that election.

If anything, I would suspect voter fraud when 74% of the voters show up in an off-year election when the presidency isn’t at stake.

In the meantime, Mrs. Obama is pushing for mail-in ballots across the nation, since she and the Democrats know that their best, perhaps their only, shot at defeating Trump in November is by cheating their way to victory.

Joe Biden has jumped on the bandwagon, while using that Amos ‘n Andy accent they all adopt when seeking the black vote, parroting the usual nonsense about the disenfranchisement of black Americans.

Well, he didn’t actually jump on the bandwagon. At 77, he needed a boost, which Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, Pete Buttigieg and Beto O'Rourke, were only too happy to provide – all of them insisting that were it not for the alleged suppression, Stacey Abrams would be the governor of Georgia.

Frankly, I don’t understand their fascination with Ms. Abrams, surely as unimpressive a human being as Maxine Waters, Donna Brazile, Valerie Jarrett or Michelle Obama. But, then, what sane person can possibly imagine what passes for a thought process inside the heads of liberals?

In endorsing the last man standing, if only barely, Obama said: “Choosing Joe as my running mate was one of the best decisions I ever made.”

The sad truth is that he’s right. If anything, he’s being too modest. Choosing Biden to be his number two is far and away the wisest decision he ever made. Just consider all the other decisions competing for that honor.

Along with making photo IDs mandatory for voting, another change that should occur is putting an end to ballot harvesting. It’s an inducement to election fraud when one person can deliver a hundred or a thousand ballots to a polling place. It’s supposed to provide a service for the elderly confined to nursing homes and other shut-ins, but of course it’s just another way for Democrats to cheat their way to victory.

The inevitable result could be plainly seen in the 2018 congressional elections when all the GOP candidates, including longtime incumbents, were defeated in Orange County, one of the more conservative areas in California.

It is estimated there have been 2.9 million cases of coronavirus in China. The Chinese claim the number is 83,000. I think it’s fair to assume the actual number is somewhere between those two figures, most likely 2,899,999.

It’s a theory, but a reasonable one, that China delayed alerting the world to its home-grown virus, not simply out of a concern for its public image, but so they could stock up on surgical masks, gowns and ventilators, before anyone woke up to the fact that they’d soon be in very short supply.

In fact, if there’s a silver lining to the virus, it’s that a lot of Americans are waking up to the fact that China is our mortal enemy and that every time, for diplomatic reasons, President Trump says something nice about Xi Jinping, he’s got his fingers crossed behind his back.

But we should all give the poor guy a break. It’s not Trump’s fault that Clinton, Bush and Obama, handed over our pharmaceutical industry to the Communists. At least, Clinton received campaign contributions from Beijing in exchange for selling out America. I really have no idea what Bush and Obama got for their compliance.

If the mainstream media was capable of experiencing shame, it should have been red-faced when Tucker Carlson pointed out that on Oct. 27, 2019, when an Islamic terrorist died, the Washington Post ran this headline: “Al-Baghdadi, Austere Religious Scholar at Helm of Islamic State, Dies at 48.”

But on April 13, 2020, when a Christian minister passed away on Easter weekend, they reported the news this way: “Prominent VA Pastor Who Said, 'God Is Larger Than This Dreaded Virus,’ Dies of COVID-19.”

The implied message is that he was a fool to suggest that God is great and let’s hear it for the virus for teaching him a lesson.

But, editorial opinion aside, that rag can’t even get its facts straight. The other day, it claimed that most Americans are spending their stimulus checks to buy food and gas. Americans aren’t driving anywhere, so why on earth would they be buying gas? As some wag pointed out, these days most of us are getting three weeks to a gallon.

Here in L.A., the county’s sheriff released 4,300 inmates out of concern that the virus might spread through the prison system. So, he decided that on balance, it made more sense to let them loose on society, where I guarantee you they will wreak more havoc on innocent people than the virus would have wrought on the guilty.

The virus may or may not have killed a few more criminals, but it wouldn’t rob or rape anybody or sexually abuse anyone’s children.

It’s great news that the President has decided to cut off funding to the World Health Organization. Next, I would hope, once the virus is in our rearview mirror, that he will fire Anthony Fauci. The little ferret served as the chief cheerleader for the vile WHO and its left-wing China-loving director, the extraordinarily corrupt Dr. Tedros.

Thank God that the Secret Service is apparently the one federal agency whose members take their oaths seriously. Otherwise, I have no doubt that Donald Trump would have joined Abe Lincoln, James A. Garfield, William McKinley and John F. Kennedy, on the list of assassinated presidents long before now. Instead, his enemies have had to settle for trying to assassinate the great man’s character.

What I find most noteworthy about the list is that the murders took place in 1865, 1881, 1901 and 1963. In other words, in a matter of just 36 years, three presidents were killed. And we think we live in violent times!

Of the recent memes, my two favorites included one showing Obama telling Biden: “I’m endorsing you Joe” and Joe replying: “For what?”

The second was a text message reading: “My husband and I decided we don’t want to have children. We’ll be breaking the news to them at dinner tonight.”