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The Virus of Leftism Now Infects Even the Mayo Clinic

Guest Commentary · Apr. 27, 2020

By Howard Sachs MD

Dennis Prager, the founder of the now wildly popular Prager University, which produces five-minute “courses” watched by billions each year, has it spot on. He says and writes regularly about how the value system of Leftism poisons everything it touches. Thank God his short videos are a potent intellectual vaccine, helping millions of our young people especially to fight off something far worse and more threatening to America than the coronavirus — Leftism. 

Barak Obama and all of the leaders of the now radicalized and profoundly regressive Democrat Party talk about working to fundamentally transform this benighted country of America. Prager rightfully argues such transformation is, at its core, a powerful and evermore successful attempt to basically destroy the Judeo-Christian foundation of America and replace it with the false promise of a utopia run by the enlightened ones of the iron-fisted state. It’s right out of the playbooks of Karl Marx, Woodrow Wilson, FDR, Saul Alinsky, our current Democrat Party, our universities, Hollywood, and New York Times op-ed writers. It is a revolution to overturn the American Revolution. It is the forces of darkness aligned against the force of light. It is immorality battling the morality of America and its values.

Examples are legion. For men and women of the Left, nihilism rules. Every part of our culture is up for destruction. A “burn it all down” mentality grips the millions holding this ideology. They tell us there are no longer men or women, but dozens of genders — and you’ll be thrown in jail if you misgender someone. Steve can give birth and Brad can menstruate. No longer does a child need a family with a mom and dad because the only thing that matters is, as clueless Joe Biden said, “love” — with whomever and with how many you get off on. No longer is the fundamental part of liberty and a peaceful civilization valued, namely the protection of private property. Instead, cheered on is massive robbery — taking by threat of force money earned by Sarah to give to Rachel, all in the name of social justice. As Barack Obama said, after a certain point, Sarah has made enough money. Who the hell cares if our kids get saddled with tens of trillions of dollars in debt? The Left is busy distributing economic justice as fast as the Treasury printing presses can roll.

No longer is there such a thing as truth; there are but narratives, none more real or true than another. Feelings and subjectivity rule, especially if they are feelings directing one towards leftist values and policies. God and the Bible are considered a joke, and in their place come environmentalism, radical feminism, socialism, and secularism. The playbook of the glorious Bible is replaced by idiotic Twitter feeds. The Constitution is a worthless document created by evil, white, greedy, Christian heterosexuals, and our national law is to be replaced by the moronic musings of Michael Moore, AOC, Adam Schiff, and Bernie Sanders, none of whom have read a word of or understand the Constitution.

For the Left, you are considered “woke” now if you act like some Azetc priest on a pile of children’s skulls “shouting out” your abortion or lighting up the Empire State Building in pagan pink. Our universities have utterly devolved into nihilism, turning into leftist indoctrination centers of illiberalism, anti-intellectualism, and intolerance. Our young leaders like AOC are now true believers of hard-core Leftism, screeching about the beauty of the darkness of socialism and communism. Our public schools, instead of teaching our kids about the greatness of America and its founding, are wrecking our young minds with the lies that our country was founded in 1619 on slavery, not in 1776 on liberty.

In our schools our precious children, millions of whom graduate without basic reading math or writing skills or knowing anything about the Constitution or the Bible, are being taught utterly moronic notions like they don’t need a parent; they are not really boys or girls; big government is good; capitalism is evil; men can menstruate and have babies; and skin color, genitalia, and what one likes to do with his genitalia are the essence of a man. Our non-orthodox Jewish and Christian institutions imbibe the poison and open their doors to "Drag Queen Storytime" for our little kids. Rabbis, pastors, and priests cheer on the suicide of America with open boarders welcoming in millions of the world’s poor and disaffected. Their congregants, most with very high SAT scores but no wisdom and with smashed moral compasses, vote in stupefied herd-like masses for Leftism. America- and Israel- hating Democrats think they are voting for the Madisons of the 21st century instead of the new American versions of the Che, Fidel, Stalin, and Mao.

Prager mentions how this poison is now even invading the world of hard science. I experienced this perversion of science twice this week — once at the purported apex of medical science, the Mayo Clinic, and once at a lecture given by Dr. Kalesh Hack from the University of Toronto under the auspices of the "Radiologic Society of North America.“

I called the Mayo Clinic this week to schedule an appointment for a patient. The administrator said she’d like to have some demographic information. After giving the name and address, she asked me, "What gender was this patient assigned at birth?” It sounds at first blush rather innocuous. But upon reflection, it was civilization shaking — America transforming. It is much more threatening to America than COVID-19. Gender assigned at birth? What was she talking about? I’ll tell you what she was talking about. She was talking about this poisonous ideology invading all areas of American life. Ideas change civilizations. They have now persuaded millions in America that our traditional Western Judeo-Christian views are all hogwash — all just for the deplorable, ignorant, gun- and Bible- and Constitution-clinging rubes who vote for people like Donald Trump. President Trump glories in what Western man has given to the world and he’s called a white supremacist by these new comrades of the Left.

Human beings are born either male or female. If you haven’t even got the basics down, how can anyone look to you and your doctors for even the most basic of medical care?

Also this week a doctor from the University of Toronto lectured physicians about looking at babies in the uterus via ultrasound. She said something to this effect (paraphrased): “Of course, if you see the sex of the baby while scanning the mother, you have to be careful not to assign the baby a gender without discussing it with the parents.” Is this doctor bonkers? Does she have a degree from a medical school, or were we listening to someone with a $200,000 degree from a university indoctrination center? I presume it was the latter. And we are supposed to still look at these places and people as purveyors of the science of medicine? We are supposed to go and ask them to heal our bodies when they can’t even figure out what a man or woman is?

This is what Mr. Prager means when he says Leftism poisons everything it touches. Now the Boy Scouts are gone. Now our art has been turned into scatological shock pieces. Now our sports have been turned into leftist rants about barbaric police. Now our great and wise founders have been turned into monstrous racists. Now our glorious liberties are dissolving before our eyes with government armed with trillions of our mostly stolen dollars and hundreds of thousands of pages of laws backed by people armed with very assaulting guns. And, sadly, it now has washed into science wherein a physician can’t even recognize the difference between a boy and girl, man and woman.

America is in a free fall, and the only ones that can potentially save us are the folks with some wisdom — like rube truckers, flyover farmers, small-shop owners, God-fearing men and women, and deplorable clingers. They will, God willing, cushion the fall and bring President Trump back for a second term to fight this potent poison of Leftism.

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