The Patriot Post® · Biden, Then & Now

By Burt Prelutsky ·

So far as I’m concerned, too much attention is being paid to Biden’s possibly boorish behavior in 1993 and not enough to his questionable activities as the Vice-President between 2009 and 2017 and his loutish kerfuffle with Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin in 1982.

Biden might be forgiven for kissing up to Obama for eight years, that being the main function of vice-presidents. But he should be made to answer for taking his middle-aged son, Hunter, along on trips to Ukraine and China, when Biden was allegedly conducting official business. It might be expected that he would have traveled with his wife, assuming there would be state dinners on the itinerary, but I have never heard of adult children being invited along on such missions.

Going back to the 80s, Buz Chertok sent me a heated exchange between Sen. Biden and P.M. Begin. Biden was threatening to cut off U.S. aid to the Jewish nation if Begin didn’t agree to remove his people from the so-called settlements. Begin refused to be bullied. He suggested Biden was out of line and reminded him that Israel required the aid in order to defend itself against the two hundred million Arab and Muslim enemies that surrounded the tiny nation and added that it would never expect a single American soldier to risk his life in her defense.

Biden was livid. But thanks to Ronald Reagan, Israel received the funds.

But I partly blame Israel. I always thought it was dumb to refer to Israeli communities as settlements. It made them sound temporary which, in fact, in too many cases they proved to be as one foolish Israeli administration after another kept trying to buy peace by relinquishing territory.

like to see developed.

Virginia, where the electorate were happy to turn a blind eye to Gov. Ralph Northam’s appearing in black face and Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax, who has a black face, but was accused by two women of rape, is in the midst of a battle over the Second Amendment.

Culpeper County Sheriff Scott Jenkins reports that State Senator Janet Howell has a plan to hit back at recalcitrant sheriffs who refuse to enforce unconstitutional laws that infringe on the Second Amendment. Apparently, Senator Howell has introduced a bill that would remove their pensions for living up to their oaths to defend the Constitution.

Sheriff Jenkins has also been personally targeted for saying that before he would dis-arm law-abiding citizens, he would swear in thousands of them as deputies.

It’s growing increasingly alarming how many governors, mayors and other state officials, are putting their authoritarian instincts on display these days, whether it’s denying people the right to defend themselves against robbers and rapists or denying them their inalienable First Amendment right to attend church services.

Russ Mothershed sent me a meme that had a picture of young Barron Trump that suggested that in order to level the playing field, the 14-year-old would be conducting the presidential debates with Joe Biden. I suspect a lamppost could get the best of the presumptive nominee, but that’s just me.

It did get me wondering about young Barron. The Trumps have done such a great job of keeping him out of the spotlight, I wondered if he was being homeschooled even before the shutdown. It seemed like an ideal situation because his father could teach him Economics, History, Civics and Tweeting. His mother, who speaks five languages fluently, could cover that subject for him.

But I looked into it and discovered the boy is enrolled at St. Andrews Episcopal School in Potomac, Maryland, about 20 miles from the White House. He is already as tall as his dad, who is 6'2". If he decides not to pursue politics or real estate, he might make it into the NBA if he keeps growing.

Greg Palko wonders, if masks work, why businesses need to be closed. And if they don’t work, why are we being forced to wear them?

Here in California, we have gone full-circle. Whereas, plastic bags were once out-lawed, thanks to the virus, they are back in groceries. In fact, those reusable bags they insisted we buy and use are now verboten. Now, we have to only use their thin plastic bags. What’s more, we have to pay 10 cents each for them.

According to Howard Last, when a six-year-old was asked why he thought the schools were closed, he guessed it was because they had run out of toilet paper.

It sounded like a more logical reason than any of the others I’ve heard.

Perhaps we should draft him to debate with Joe Biden.

Dennis Stockton sent along the following joke from Australia. At least I think it’s a joke.

Little 8-year-old Mary was in the backyard filling in a hole when her nosy, obnoxious neighbor peered over the fence and asked her what she was doing.

“My goldfish died,” the little girl said through her tears. “I’ve just buried her.”

The neighbor laughed and said, condescendingly: “Don’t you think that’s an awfully big hole for an itty-bitty goldfish?”

Mary patted down the last bit of earth with her shovel and replied: “That’s because she’s inside your cat.”

I was recently asked how it was that, although he’s a month younger than I am, I graduated high school when I was 17, he was 18. I explained that early on, I had been skipped. They wanted to skip me a second time, but, as I was already smaller than my classmates, my parents—meaning my mom—vetoed the idea. That was okay with me.

What bugged me was when I was invited to join the other young prodigies on radio’s “Quiz Kids.” The show was produced in Chicago, where I had been born and where I could have happily stayed with my favorite uncle, aunt and cousin, during the season.

Once again, my mother vetoed the idea.

What can I say, except it’s lucky I didn’t own a gun.