The Patriot Post® · Demonstrating What Exactly?

By Burt Prelutsky ·

I don’t mind going on record as being against nearly all public events. I suppose those holiday parades with the big balloons staged by Macy’s in New York City are okay. For one thing, everyone knows about them and knows what streets to avoid if one isn’t a fan of crowds of people. I approve of 4th of July celebrations, especially in small towns where people are more likely to use the occasion to give thanks for being an American than in large cities where hooligans are likely to set off fireworks at all hours, scaring dogs and cats into a state of hysteria.

Thanks to the Constitution, I accept that people have the right to assemble peacefully. But, one, shouldn’t these assemblies have a point? And, two, shouldn’t there be a time limit? During the recent demonstrations in the wake of George Floyd’s murder, there was no point. The thousands of cops in America didn’t kill the man, Derek Chauvin did and he’s already been arrested and charged. So everyone should have packed up and gone home.

As for the rioters, they should have been arrested and jailed for their crimes, just as they would have been if they had been individuals and not members of a mob. Just because there are a hundred or a thousand people committing a crime shouldn’t result in a free pass.

As for the end game, only the Democrats and villains like George Soros stood to gain from the riots. Anything that can be used to promote victimhood among blacks is regarded as a plus by the puppet-masters because it’s assumed it will motivate them to vote for Joe Biden in a few months.

The lie that cops, white cops in particular, single out young blacks for beatings and arrests has been pushed for so long that it’s almost a truism by this time.

Bill Whittle, who has devoted his life to deflating the lies of the Left, devoted a seven minute video to setting the record straight. It seems that not only don’t white cops target blacks, but the opposite is true.

In a recent year, the cops shot and killed 662 whites and Hispanics, but only 258 blacks. And in nearly all 920 cases, the victims were armed and were shooting at the cops.

The same year, there were as astounding 6,100 black homicides, all but 258 of the victims were killed by blacks who weren’t wearing blue uniforms.

In New York City, blacks commit 11 times more homicides than whites. In the Big Apple, 53% of the residents are white, 23% are black, but whites are only responsible for 3% all the shootings, while 75% of them can be traced to blacks. In other words, when shots are fired in New York City, blacks are 25 times more likely than white people to be holding the gun.

And finally, cops are 18 times more likely to be killed by a black man than a black man is to be killed by a cop.

I have long contended that even though blacks only represent 13% of the population, committing violent crimes is the one area of society in which they excel, leaving whites, Hispanics and Asians, in the dust.

In case you were wondering where all those out-of-town rioters were coming from and wondering how they reached every corner of the country, even places where black people are rarer than unicorns, George Soros, who simultaneously manages to give Hungarian immigrants, Jews, billionaires and people named George, a bad name, has financed Black Lives Matter to the tune of $130 million.

For that kind of money, you can move a lot of troublemakers from one place to another, pay for a lot of placards and provide pallets of bricks for those so-inclined to cripple cops.

If Attorney General William Barr doesn’t deal with the seditious Soros, we might just as well have Eric Holder or Loretta Lynch back on the job.

It’s no surprise that the knuckleheads at CNN and MSNBC took umbrage at President Trump’s appearing at the burned out St. John’s Church a few hundred yards from the White House. Making it even worse, according to the Atheists at the cable networks, was the fact that he had had the rioters cleared out of Lafayette Park and was carrying a Bible. They dismissed it as a cheap photo op.

Well, it so happens that at least half the time this president or any president shows up in public, it’s a cheap photo op. What the heck is it when a president shows up after a natural disaster? You don’t notice him mopping up after a flood in Mississippi or carting off ashes after a forest fire in California. His appearance is merely intended to send a message that he cares. So whereas one president might show up for the funeral of a black gangbanger to let gangbangers everywhere know that he shares their pain, another might show up, Bible in hand, to suggest he takes it personally when thugs set a church on fire.

But what I found truly annoying was when the Episcopalian Bishop of Washington, D.C., along with the city’s Catholic Archbishop, Wilton Daniel Gregory, both of whom are black, ripped the President.

The woman who heads up the Episcopalian diocese, Mariann Edgar Budde, made the following statement: “I am outraged. The President did not pray when he came to St John’s, nor did he acknowledge the agony of our country right now, and in particular that of the people of color in our nation.”

What I noticed was that she didn’t say anything about the black thugs who set the church ablaze. I suppose she understood their agony and might have even supplied the matches and gasoline if anyone had thought to ask.

Not being religious myself, I feel a little uncomfortable about suggesting the proper way for clerics to behave. But wouldn’t it have been great if these people had paid their respects to the President for his obvious concern over the destruction of an historical church instead of flaunting their blatant political bias?

But, then, you’ve probably noticed that these same people never express a discouraging word about Democratic politicians who promote and help fund abortions with our tax dollars. It even took months before anyone connected with religion even questioned the closing of churches or synagogues in violation of the First Amendment. They left that to secular people like myself.

It’s weird to hear Joe Biden speak about “a community that has had a knee on its neck for a long time.”

It’s weird because for eight of those most recent years, he and the first black president were in charge. But now, by his own admission, they didn’t improve things.

How dare Biden condemn his fellow Americans for “systemic racism”? This is the same nation that not only elected Barack Obama, but then repeated that tragic mistake four years later. Racist nations do not elect black presidents, Joe, you repulsive panderer.

Still, although Biden naturally blames Trump for everything from the Wuhan virus to the fact that his expensive hair plugs finally gave up the ghost and took their leave, I don’t hold him and Obama responsible for the plight of inner-city blacks.

Although Obama went out of his way to foment race hatred in America, there isn’t much anyone can do about the great majority of urban blacks who are raised by single young, uneducated women; who drop out of school as soon as they can; and who opt for welfare instead of learning a trade or getting a job not related to illegal drugs.

Heck, most of them don’t even have the brains or the spunk to vote for a Republican, preferring to remain on the Democratic plantation, just like their sperm donors and the sperm donors before them.

In related news: A Minneapolis mob not only burned down a police station, but unwilling to take any chances, made a point of destroying evidence, ensuring that certain violent crimes couldn’t be successfully prosecuted.

A full week after the original mob scene, the hooligans had become so emboldened they began shooting police officers, killing retired black policeman David Dorn, a 38 year veteran of the St. Louis P.D. Cops have also been beaten with garbage cans and run over by hit-and-run drivers.

Maine’s Attorney General Maura Healy opined: “This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Yes, America is burning, but that’s how forests grow.”

No, Maura, you ninny, that’s how forests, as well as nations, are destroyed.

When I hear statements like that, I don’t need to look in a mirror or try getting out of a chair to remind myself how old I am. I’m so old that I can still remember when attorney generals and D.A.‘s used to think their job was to maintain the peace by sending villains to jail.

These days, especially with George Soros financing their elections, they see their jobs as cheerleading on behalf of criminals and doing everything in their power to keep black and Hispanic felons out of the hoosegow.

I’ll close with the news that the GoFundMe page set up by Philonise Floyd with a goal of $1.5 million to pay for brother George’s funeral and travel expenses for the family passed the $10 million mark two days before the funeral. I did wonder how much Al Sharpton charged for his services, but he doesn’t come cheap.

A second GoFundMe set up by sister Bridgett to pay her own travel expenses raised more than $300,000.

It makes you wonder if the Floyds were flying in from the moon.