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It's Not You, It's the World

Burt Prelutsky · Aug. 10, 2020

The title should perhaps be “It’s Probably Not You, It’s the World.” After all, I don’t know each of you personally. It’s possible that you’re as flakey as the world, just not likely.

Take Oakland for example. It’s a violent city in the best of times, so it figures its residents wouldn’t just sit by while their neighbors to the north, in Portland and Seattle, have all the fun.

So they had a riot of their own and it was a pip. But you wouldn’t know it unless you watched Fox News.

So far as the rest of the media is concerned, all violence is great if it might somehow help cost Donald Trump the election. That is why ABC News engaged in what is almost a parody of “1984,” reporting “Protestors in Oakland set fire to a courthouse, damaged a police station and assaulted police officers after a peaceful demonstration intensified.”

Seventy-nine years ago, ABC might as well have reported that a peaceful Sunday morning was taking place in Hawaii until a squadron of Japanese fighter planes intensified things by attacking Pearl Harbor.

Bless Tucker Carlson. While just about everyone else in the media is pussyfooting around the truth, he came right out and identified the rioters as Joe Biden voters.

It is time that everyone quit pretending that the chaos and mayhem consuming our major cities has anything to do with George Floyd (remember him?) or police brutality. It has only one purpose and that is to get Biden elected, which is why all the hundreds of millions of dollars that craven corporations and a multitude of simpletons have been sending to BLM is passed along to the DNC, except, of course, the portion skimmed off by the usual race hustlers for themselves.

Perhaps I’ve read too many mysteries and seen too many movies, but amid all the chaos, I keep wondering how many personal murders are taking place these days and being passed off as collateral damage, a natural consequence of being caught in an urban war zone. Especially now that even the cops who have survived defunding are being paid not to do their jobs.

Chad Wolf, head of Homeland Security, had a mob of middle-aged, white jackasses who looked like they had just gotten off the bus from Woodstock show up outside his home with megaphones in order to intimidate him and his family.

His crime? He sent federal agents to guard the federal courthouse in Portland, Oregon.

They didn’t look as scary as most of the criminal rabble we’ve seen in recent months. It would be terribly annoying to have left-wing creeps sounding off outside your front door, but the main thing I would worry about if I were in the Wolf home would be that they might suddenly break out in several choruses of “Kumbaya.” That could ruin an entire day for me.

While there wasn’t a single cop in view when the gang of middle-aged goofballs showed up at Wolf’s place, in Chicago, after defunding the police, Mayor Lori Lightfoot demanded additional cops be assigned to her house to protect her and her white lesbian partner, although she hadn’t been threatened.

When the police commander in her district refuse, stating that his resources were already stretched too thin, she had him promptly reassigned. Probably to Wisconsin.

I suppose it shouldn’t surprise anyone that those, like Lightfoot, Garcetti and de Blasio, who demean the cops the most are the most demanding of police protection. I swear, if it weren’t for Democrats, the word “hypocrite” might soon be as archaic as “prithee,” “brabble,” “groke,” “quagswag” and “trumpery.”

Speaking of Lightfoot, I think it’s worth noting that of the 20 largest cities in America, five have female mayors. Of the next 30 largest, eight are females. In recent months, some of the ladies, especially those representing such hot spots as Chicago, Seattle, Las Vegas, Atlanta, Oakland and Washington, D.C., where instead of trying to maintain order, the likes of Durkan, Bottoms, Bowser, Lightfoot and Schaaf, have been pouring gasoline on the fire.

For years, we’ve had to listen to the fatuous argument that women would make the best leaders because they’d be more peace-loving and naturally nurturing than men. I think we can now lay that cliché to rest once and for all.

Out of wedlock births in the U.S. rose from 5% to 40% between 1960 and today. When you then factor in the usual million abortions a year, things don’t look too hotsy-totsy for the current crop of embryos.

Even those who manage to evade the clutches of the butchers at Planned Parenthood have only a slightly better than average chance of ever meeting the sperm donors who don’t deserve under any circumstances to be referred to as fathers.

Those numbers are even gloomier among blacks, which truly confounds me. These are men, after all, who are always demanding respect and taking affront at being referred to as boys, even when nothing demeaning is intended, and yet they are cavalier when it comes to spurning fatherhood. And it’s not just an economic issue. There are scores of professional athletes who take it as a sign of manhood to have sired a dozen children with seven or eight different women. They’re happy enough to send them a few court-ordered dollars a month just so long as that’s the extent of their responsibility.

But at least these football and basketball players spend their silly lives hearing the cheers of mindless fans.

But what about all those other guys? Here is their one chance in life to be somebody’s hero and they toss it away without giving it a second thought. It’s not just selfish, it is incredibly stupid and short-sighted.

On the Left, no matter what is wrong in the nation, the world or even outer space, it’s always blamed on President Trump. It’s only a matter of time until he’s blamed for the crash of the Hindenburg.

On the Right, where facts matter and reality is not checked at the door, we don’t have such a convenient scapegoat. But we should. It is a fairly good bet that no matter the catastrophe, you’ll come out winners if you lay your money on either China or George Soros or a combination of the two being behind it.

The media and left-wing politicians comprise a daisy chain of deceit, but, for the most part, the only people they’re fooling are themselves. Somehow, by each group taking the other group seriously they’ve convinced themselves that Americans are buying the obvious lie that these endless riots are peaceful protests and that voters are going to blame the destruction of their cities on President Trump.

They should have remembered that the trick didn’t work in 1968 when it was only one city, Chicago, that the rabble destroyed. But it was enough to ensure that a few months later, Richard Nixon would cakewalk into the White House.

I have now finished reading Woody Allen’s autobiography. I never believed the horror stories that Mia Farrow told about Allen during their vicious custody fight. Women often resort to accusing men of child-abuse during divorces that involve small children. Besides, I knew enough about her and her own crazy family (mother Maureen Sullivan, screen mate of Tarzan; father John Farrow, boozy movie director; siblings that included alcoholics, druggies, child molesters and suicides) to believe everything Allen related about her rages and her cruelty to the kids.

The reason it was so easy for people to take her side against him came down to acting. Mia Farrow had made a career out of playing the hapless damsel with a wispy child-like voice. He, on the other hand, had spent his life making movies in which he was the love interest opposite women (Mia Farrow, Diane Keaton, Dianne Wiest, Mira Sorvino, Mariel Hemingway) who were between 10 to 26 years younger than himself. He would have been wise if he had only known he would one day be accused during a bitter custody fight of being a sexual degenerate to take his lead from Cary Grant.

Even Grant, who was still handsome, charming and debonair, at 60, knew when to call it quits, understanding there was something creepy about appearing on screen wooing women who could have been his daughter or granddaughter.

Which is why, at 61, when Grant married Dyann Cannon, 28, it seemed perfectly natural, whereas when Allen, 62, married Soon-Yi Previn, 27 (to whom, tabloids to the contrary, he was not related), people were looking to lynch him.

Also, in the case of Cary Grant, most women and more than a few men figured Cannon got the better of the deal.

And for all her waif-like fragility, Mia Farrow is one tough little cookie who had been around the block a few times, having been married to Frank Sinatra and yet still found time to break up the marriage of Dory and Andre Previn long before she slithered into Woody’s life.

I’ll close with a few of the thousands of memes Bob Hunt sends me on a weekly basis:

“If masks work, why didn’t we just give them to prisoners instead of releasing them?” (An excellent point, especially as the cells already provided social distancing.)

“If black lives really mattered, they’d be tearing down crack houses instead of statues.”

“Oprah’s TV special began with ‘What you white people need to understand….’ Imagine if a white person said, ‘What you black people need to understand….’”

“I sure hope the Russians trick me into voting for Trump again this November.”

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