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Putrid in Portland

Gary Bauer · Aug. 13, 2020

The growing disrespect for law enforcement and the rule of law generally in Portland is beyond absurd. Multnomah County District Attorney Mike Schmidt announced Tuesday that his office would be dismissing the vast majority of charges brought against the rioters and thugs who have terrorized the city for the past 75 days.

Schmidt said he wanted to “honor the fact that they were there protesting and wanting to be heard.” Among the charges he is refusing to prosecute:

  • Interfering with a police officer

  • Disorderly conduct

  • Criminal trespass

  • Harassment

  • Escape in the 3rd degree

  • Riot (sometimes in some circumstances)

Schmidt added that his office will be scrutinizing charges of resisting arrest and assault on law enforcement officers “if those cases occurred when an individual was being teargassed or otherwise exposed to a use of force at the time of resistance.”

Why does that matter? Schmidt excused the resistance as the “instinctive reaction of people who have been gassed repeatedly, who have been struck with kinetic projectile weapons, and who have seen other protestors arrested in ways they deeply disapprove of.”

Perhaps it is time for law-abiding, patriotic Americans who live in Portland to start voting with their feet. They should start making plans to relocate to more rational areas of the country.

Omar Prevails

Islamic supremacist Rep. Ilhan Omar beat back a serious primary challenge Tuesday night from a very well-funded liberal candidate, Antone Melton-Meaux.

He criticized Omar for repeatedly missing votes, for funneling money to her new husband, and for her blatant anti-Semitism. The biggest newspaper in Minnesota endorsed Melton-Meaux. None of it mattered.

Her crushing victory, 57% to 39%, is another example of what is happening in Joe Biden’s Democrat Party.

We’re wasting time if we think her reelection is because we’re delivering our arguments poorly or because we’re campaigning poorly. This district votes for Omar because Obama and Biden flooded it with refugees from Somalia, a country on fire with radical Islamism.

Part of the district is now known as “Little Mogadishu,” named after the city where dead American soldiers were dragged through the streets to cheering crowds.

That district has effectively seceded from the United States. It is an outpost of Islamist thought and passion in the heartland of America. It is the terrorist recruitment capital of America.

When Obama and Biden set out to fundamentally transform America, there were plenty of compassionate, well-meaning people, including some Christians, who thought that bringing thousands of Somalis into the country without checking their loyalty and values was a really good idea.

While many Somali-Americans are good and law-abiding Americans, others are obviously willing to support an anti-American, anti-Semitic radical like Omar.

Now we have this poison inside Congress, a rising star in American politics, at the same time our children are being told America is evil. What could possibly go wrong?

If enough people like her are elected to office because of future immigration patterns, don’t worry about having a nice face mask for your wife. Imagine what she will look like under a veil.

“White House Siege”

The radical group behind the Occupy Wall Street movement is back. This time it is setting its sights on the White House. The group is calling on activists to “lay siege to the White House” for 50 days. The “revolution” begins on September 17.

Remember the chaos BLM activists created outside the White House not that long ago? Dozens of Secret Service agents were injured. They want those images on the nightly news every night for 50 days leading up to November 3.

Make no mistake about it: This chaos and turmoil is part of the left’s strategy. It is voter intimidation aimed at forcing the American people to elect the most extreme ticket in history so the left can ram its radical agenda down our throats.

Polling Propaganda

Here’s some good news: A well-respected political observer predicts that Joe Biden has a 71% chance of winning the election. How is that good news? Well, he also predicted that Hillary Clinton had a 71.4% chance of winning in 2016!

CNBC released a new poll yesterday showing Biden leading Trump by six points. But one analysis of the poll finds that it grossly oversampled and undersampled certain demographics in ways that may have seriously skewed the results.

Yet when the samples are adjusted to reflect turnout in 2016, the race becomes a statistical tie.

My point is that far too many polls are being used not to measure public opinion but are instead rigged in order to manipulate public opinion.

Kamala vs. Kavanaugh

As you know, many Democrats and the media are applauding Joe Biden’s selection of Sen. Kamala Harris to be his running mate. Many are hailing her nomination as “historic.” The New York Times is describing Harris as a “pragmatic moderate.”

Presidential nominees often seek to balance their ticket, and there’s no question that Harris offers various contrasts to Biden.

She provides a gender balance, a racial balance, a generational balance (she’s 55, Biden’s 77), and a geographic balance (she’s a left coast elitist and he’s an East Coast elitist.)

While Biden is making an aggressive play for Catholic voters, Harris may not help his efforts. To begin with, Harris is proudly pro-abortion. She has a 100% pro-abortion voting record with Planned Parenthood.

But Harris also led the charge to publicly smear Brett Kavanaugh, a devout Catholic, when he was nominated to the Supreme Court.

During his confirmation hearing, Harris confronted Kavanaugh with a lurid letter alleging that he and a friend repeatedly raped a young woman.

The letter was signed “Jane Doe.” There was no return address. There were no reference of time or place in the letter. It was just another false charge. Yet, Harris ran with it to destroy a good man’s reputation.

The left-leaning group Politifact called out Harris for using a deceptively edited video to falsely suggest that Kavanaugh was against birth control. She also attempted to smear Kavanaugh as a racist and later demanded his impeachment.

Yes, she is a “nasty” lady.

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