The Patriot Post® · The Coup Continues; Now We Are the Target

By Guest Commentary ·

By Bruce Richter

The coup that began just prior to Donald Trump’s election as president in 2016 and continued throughout his presidency did not end with his questionable defeat in the 2020 election.

Donald Trump was the intended target of the Russia hoax investigation. You know, the Robert Mueller-led investigation that went nowhere.

When Robert Mueller failed to deliver for the Democrats, they jumped to the next sure thing: Trump’s phone call to the Ukrainian president.

If you want a job done right, then you have to do it yourself! So, the Dems took the lead on this one. They accused Trump of denying U.S. aid to Ukraine unless Ukraine did a favor for Trump. The favor was to investigate whether Hunter Biden had been given a position on the board of Ukraine energy company Burisma and if money had been funneled to then-Vice President Joe Biden through Hunter in exchange for favorable U.S. treatment.

The Democrats believed this to be a surefire impeachable offense. After an “investigation” by the House, they delivered the articles of impeachment to the Senate.

And Trump was cleared.

The Democrats, with aid from the deep state and their leftmedia allies, were 0-2.

Then the COVID pandemic hit and the Democrats seized the next “opportunity” to destroy Trump. They used COVID as a political hammer to drive home confusion and fear in the general public. Rabid fear of an unseen and unknown killer was hyped 24/7 by the Democrats’ propaganda office, the leftmedia. Democrat-controlled states used that fear to selectively and irrationally shut down businesses, schools, churches, and most social interaction. A dictatorial approach was used to intimidate the public into giving up constitutional rights in the name of safety. Protests against this government overreach were met with dictatorial threats of force.

The “opportunity” for the Democrats this time was to use COVID as a weapon against Trump. The Dems and their media allies would tie everything bad about the virus to Trump and hang it around his neck.

COVID changed the coup strategy from knockout punch to death by a thousand cuts.

Historically speaking, a coup is a violent takeover of the existing government. And it is typically quick. Anywhere from a few hours to a few days.

This coup doesn’t quite fit the definition as it pertains to violence and short duration.

To be sure, violence was associated with this coup, but it was not planned by its leaders. The leaders took political advantage of the death of George Floyd, seemingly at the hands of a Minneapolis police officer. And violence erupted. The violence was allowed to spread to most democratically controlled cities across the country with the blessings and protection of their Democrat leaders.

Fear of COVID was already dominating the country. Then, the burning, looting, and murder only added another dimension of fear to the population.

The failure of Democrat leadership to quell the violence was part of the strategy to add another cut in the coup against Trump.

As the 2020 presidential election approached, the Dems would use COVID as an excuse to drastically change voting procedures across the country. Once again using their fake concern for safety, they convinced states to allow mass mail-in voting; allow extended early voting; allow late mail-in ballots; and other methods designed to benefit Democrats. They implemented these wholesale changes to state voting laws by somehow circumventing the state legislatures that possessed sole authority for passing and changing voting laws.

The Patriot Post pointed out the Democrat strategy months prior to the election. On election night, Trump would appear to be winning in a landslide. But in a few days, as the mail-in ballots were counted, the “red mirage” from election night would disappear. Biden would take the lead and go on to win.

That is exactly what happened.

The Democrats had finally removed Trump.

Then January 6 happened in Washington, DC.

Trump supporters by the tens of thousands met in DC, to protest the validity of the election. Trump addressed the huge crowd about the stolen election. As Trump was speaking, the Capitol was entered illegally by a couple hundred people. Most, but not all, were Trump supporters. Tragically, a Trump supporter was shot dead by Capitol Police and a Capitol Police officer died a day later from causes yet to be determined.

Trump Derangement Syndrome runs deep. The Democrats blamed Trump for instigating the breach at the Capitol. They accused him of insurrection and anything else they thought would stick.

The absolute hatred for Trump drove the Democrats to hastily put together a second impeachment process, even though Trump would not be the president by the time the process could make it to the Senate for trial. Never mind that! The goal at this point was to make sure Trump could never hold office again.

And once again the Democrats were disappointed as the Senate acquitted Trump.

By this time the coup had dragged on for more than four years. Certainly not the historically short takeover!

As I mentioned in opening, the coup did not end with the removal — or, if you like, the defeat — of Trump. The takeover is still incomplete. This isn’t just a takeover of the government. This is a total destruction of the United States of America.

In the beginning, Donald Trump was the target. But with Trump out of the way and with almost complete control of the government, the citizens have become the target.

The Democrats, the left, the mainstream media, and big tech joined forces to become “super predators.”

They intend to complete the destruction of the U.S. with legislation (HR 1) aimed at taking over elections. If passed, the power to control elections will forever be in the hands of the Democrats. Game over!

And there is more legislation aimed at the destruction of religious freedom (the Equality Act).

Destroy religious freedom. Deprive the people of hope. Then convince the people that government is their only hope.

The Second amendment is always in the crosshairs as the left parrots its favorite line calling for “commonsense gun reform.” The left’s commonsense approach always punishes the law-abiding gun owners and completely ignores the criminals responsible for gun violence. Take away the ability of the people to defend themselves by disarming the population and complete control of the people can be achieved.

Biden’s handlers have had him issuing executive orders at a record pace. Most of them serve to cancel everything Trump did with complete disregard as to whether it was good for America. A prime example is the immigration crisis instigated by Biden’s orders scrapping everything Trump had accomplished to secure our southern border.

COVID restrictions in democratically controlled states are still in place even though vaccinations are progressing and case loads and death rates drop. It appears the intent is to maintain control over the people and perpetuate the fear they have developed with the aid of the media.

The Democrats love to remove the Constitution from under their feet, dust it off, and hold it up for all to see how patriotic they are.

In reality, they use the Constitution as a checklist to destroy our freedoms one by one.

Do you recognize the parallels to Stalin, Lenin, and Hitler?

They controlled election outcomes with corrupt elections.

They eliminated the peoples’ ability to worship and practice religion and in so doing eliminated hope.

They removed any semblance of freedom of speech. Anyone who spoke out against them was canceled. Silenced voices can’t stir up revolt.

They literally disarmed the people, thereby eliminating of the possibility of armed resistance.

The super predators can see the end of their coup.

If we don’t act, then we will all see the end of the United States of America.