The Patriot Post® · Parents, Beware of Public Schools

By Oliver L. North and David L. Goetsch ·

If you are a conservative or Christian and your kids are enrolled in public school, we have a warning for you: Beware! Why? Our public schools today are not the public schools most of us attended and remember fondly. In many public school systems, particularly those in blue states, children are being taught to reject their parents’ beliefs, view America as an evil empire and see all white people as inherently racist.

With the transformation of so many public schools into centers of leftist indoctrination bent on turning children into budding socialist ideologues, it is important for parents to know exactly what their kids are being taught. Before proceeding, a caveat is in order about public school teachers.

We understand and appreciate there are still plenty of good educators in public schools who believe in teaching the truth and want to do right by your children. But these stalwarts no longer control what is taught or how. In fact, they work every day under the thumbs of leftist ideologues who control many of our state education departments, school boards and teachers unions.

What follows are just two examples of the kinds of things your children may be learning in public schools.

Critical Race Theory in K-12 Public Schools

If your children or grandchildren attend public schools, chances are they are being taught critical race theory. This hypothesis claims all American organizations and institutions are inherently racist. Critical race theory also teaches that white people are bigots who purposely erect barriers to minorities to maintain white superiority in the social structure.

Advocates of critical race theory posit poverty, crime, drugs, gangs, prostitution and other social problems exist in minority communities because of barriers erected by bigoted white people. In other words, if you are white, your kids may be learning you — their parents — are racists. They may also be learning white people who have never owned slaves should pay reparations to black people who have never been slaves. As a parent of any race, you need to know if your children are being taught this false and destructive theory. It is harmful to all races and to our country.

‘The 1619 Project’

A close cousin of critical race theory is “The 1619 Project.” The year 1619 is when advocates of this contemporary political movement claim slaves were first brought to America, hence the name. According to “The 1619 Project,” America was founded for the promulgation of slavery. Hence, many of our founders were nothing but white supremacists searching for territory where they could practice slavery without interference.

In fact, “The1619 Project” has been refuted as misnamed by a long list of respected historians, several of them black, who acknowledge chattel slavery of captive Africans existed in what is now the United States in the late 1400s and early 1500s. Nonetheless, it has been developed into a high school history curriculum and adopted by more than 3,000 schools nationwide. “The 1619 Project” is just one more weapon the left is using to tear down America and our nation’s founders, and indoctrinate our children in a socialist worldview.

These and other leftist curricula are now common in public schools, but do not assume your kids are necessarily safe in private schools. A secular private school in New York has developed what it calls its “inclusive language guide.” This guide instructs students to avoid using words such as “boy,” “girl,” “mom” and “dad.” Instead, children are being indoctrinated to use more politically correct words such as “people” and “folks.” This school’s inclusive language guide is obviously an attempt to promote the LGBT agenda or to mollify those who do.

Thankfully, Christian schools and home-schooling are still options.

Unless the kind of leftist indoctrination detailed herein is what you want for your children, we repeat our warning: Beware of public schools.