The Patriot Post® · Biden's Anti-Vax Ad

By Gary Bauer ·

I don’t know about you, but I thought President Biden’s speech Wednesday night was scary. To begin with, the optics were terrible. His address to an almost empty chamber looked like an hour-long anti-vaccine ad.

Normally, 1,600 people squeeze into the House chamber during a State of the Union address. That might be excessive given current circumstances. But why was the number cut by nearly 90%?

Why were so few members of Congress allowed to attend when they were among the very first given access to the vaccines four months ago? Why were they forced to sit so far apart, and still forced to wear masks?

If the vaccines work, all those absurd theatrics were totally unnecessary. If they want the American people to get vaccinated, then start allowing us to return to normal. That is the whole point, after all!

Build Government Bigger

Biden’s calm demeanor disguised a radical agenda that was more appropriate for socialist Venezuela than the United States. He said nothing about the border crisis, while calling for a massive expansion of government and huge tax increases.

His “build back better” mantra is better described as “build government bigger.” Biden proposed $4 trillion in new spending Wednesday night. That’s on top of the $2 trillion COVID “relief” bill Congress passed last month!

In addition, he made a number of statements that ranged from laughable to ludicrous. There’s not enough space to list them all, so here are just two examples.

Biden said, “We must come together to heal the soul of this nation.” No one disagrees with that sentiment. But as nice as that sounds, Biden’s agenda and the radical left’s cultural jihad that he is empowering are creating even more division!

Biden also said that the events of January 6th were “the worst attack on our democracy since the Civil War.” Really, Joe? That’s just demonstrably untrue.

What about the assassinations of Presidents Abraham Lincoln or John F. Kennedy, and the attempt to kill Ronald Reagan?

Was January 6th a worse attack on our democracy than Pearl Harbor? Was it worse than the 1954 attack by Puerto Rican terrorists who opened fire from the House gallery, wounding five congressmen? Was it worse than 9/11? Of course not!

The rioting and chaos that liberal politicians permitted all last summer was a far greater attack on our democracy. The siege of the White House, in which 60 Secret Service agents were wounded, was a greater attack on our democracy.

But there’s an even bigger threat. The intelligence agencies of the United States have been coopted by the left. They used their immense powers meant to stop our foreign enemies against the Trump/Pence campaign.

When that failed, they used a lie to try to bring down his presidency and stop the America First movement. They entrapped members of his administration, and treated them completely differently than they treated Hillary Clinton and Hunter Biden.

America can survive demonstrations on the left and the right. What we can’t survive is our institutions being corrupted and used to crush dissenting opinions.

We can’t survive elections being stolen. We can’t survive a media that is nothing more than a propaganda arm of one party. We can’t survive censorship by big corporations.

All these things are ongoing threats to our democracy far surpassing anything that happened on January 6th.

Biden’s Amnesty Address

Predictably, Biden used his address to demand a massive amnesty for illegal aliens, while offering nothing on border security. My friends, we have to think clearly about this issue.

Conservatives have long acknowledged our proud heritage as a nation of immigrants. But the left always tries to shame us over concerns about illegal immigration, and the rule of law gets relegated to an afterthought in the debate.

In previous waves of mass immigration, we did not have a welfare state. Immigrants had to succeed on their own. They did not come here to get free healthcare or to live off the largess of the America taxpayer.

We were also a great “melting pot.” We promoted assimilation, and immigrants wanted to become Americans.

What we have now is a witch’s brew of open borders, a growing welfare state and radical ideologues hellbent on convincing everyone that America is evil. And the Biden Administration has banned the term “assimilation.”

Biden and Harris are saying that the way to solve the immigration problem is to make life better in Central America. But Wednesday night, Biden proposed that the federal government will take care of our children from cradle to college.

So, unless Biden and Harris plan to redistribute hundreds of billions of American tax dollars for free pre-school and college in Central America, every person south of the border (or anywhere else in the world) still has a huge incentive to come here.

Not that long ago, many liberals, including Cesar Chavez and Bernie Sanders, understood this obvious fact. The overwhelming majority of Americans still do.

The only answer is what Donald Trump proposed: Secure the border because that is what a serious nation does. Then establish a manageable level of humanitarian immigration for refugees, and a merit-based immigration system for people who will help make our country stronger.

Smearing Scott

While Biden’s speech was bad, what happened afterwards was, in many ways, even worse.

Sen. Tim Scott of South Carolina delivered the Republican response. Scott comes from humble beginnings. He’s an outstanding Christian man, a strong conservative, and he presented the commonsense alternative to Biden’s socialist agenda.

If you missed Scott’s speech, I encourage you to watch it now. A presidential address before Congress is one of the hardest acts to follow. Scott knocked it out of the park!

In stark contrast to Biden’s radical agenda, rammed through on a purely partisan basis, Scott suggested that we could find common ground around commonsense solutions. But many liberals lost their minds hearing a black man articulate conservative ideas.

The left really went nuts when Scott proudly defended America, declaring that we are not a racist country. Scott went even further by condemning critical race theory, and the scandal of teaching our children that if their skin happens to be white then they are inherently oppressors.

One of the worst insults you can level against a black American man is to call him an “Uncle Tom.” The phrase means that the individual acts too submissively to white people.

In recent years, that slur has been hurled at any black individual who expresses conservative ideas, who is pro-life, patriotic or pro-police. The left did it to Justice Clarence Thomas, to Dr. Ben Carson and many others.

Wednesday night, after Sen. Tim Scott’s address, “Uncle Tim” began treading on Twitter. Many comments from these so-called “progressives” are too offensive to repeat here.

The conservative movement is always eager to promote minority candidates. Last year, Republicans elected a very diverse slate of conservative women and minorities, including Burgess Owens and Byron Donalds, who were endorsed and supported by CWF.

But the left devotes tremendous resources to smearing and defeating any female and minority Republicans. They do their best to destroy conservative minority candidates, and then attack the GOP for being “too white.”

The left claims to stand for diversity. But it can’t stand diversity of thought. The intolerant, totalitarian left increasingly demands that everyone must think, speak, act and vote the same way.