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By Burt Prelutsky ·

The way that Tony Blinken and Jen Psaki have been sucking up to the Taliban, you’d think the terrorists had offered to return our abandoned weapons and fly the abandoned Americans back to the States.

The two pinheads said that the Taliban have been behaving responsibly and cooperatively. If they keep it up, I wouldn’t be surprised if Blinken and Psaki are voted king and queen of the Kabul Spring Festival.

It is true that the two nations are working closely together. The Taliban are keeping several planeloads of Americans on the tarmac at the Karzai Airport and our State Department is telling the pilots that even if they take off, they won’t be able to land in the U.S. or any of the neighboring countries.

On the other hand, even the State Department can’t completely ignore Biden’s woke constituency. Therefore, they were compelled to announce that they found it a bad sign that the newly-formed government doesn’t include any women.

It’s only a rumor, but I’ve heard that the spokesman for the Taliban replied that they had considered it until they noticed that the women in our government include the likes of Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Dianne Feinstein and Liz Cheney, and wondered if we would be satisfied if they picked a few transgender males instead.

Even the Fox news host (Brian Kilmeade, I believe) who ran the tape didn’t react when Joe Biden said “By 2020, we’ll make sure that our electricity will have zero emissions.” Perhaps, Biden is auditioning for Christopher Lloyd’s role in the remake of “Back to the Future.”

The good news is that most of the American people are finally waking up to the chaos that Biden is creating both here and abroad.

The latest polls show him with just a Jimmy Carter-like 39% approval rating. My question is who are these 39 percenters? What is it that they approve of? The economy? His handling of Covid, going from saying he opposed mandates to calling for them? The border? Afghanistan?

Who are these people who apparently think that inviting millions of illegal aliens from around the world and a few hundred thousand unvetted Afghans into our towns and cities for the sole purpose of turning red states blue makes up for all those other disasters?

I wonder if Biden ever picks up the tab when he dines out with other people? I mean, he is certainly a spendthrift when it comes to other people’s money. In his latest pork-filled piece of legislation, he has set aside six billion dollars to process those Afghans, which no doubt includes Al Qaeda terrorists who will make us pay dearly for our naivete.

The good news is that CNN has lost 42% of its viewers since Trump left the White House. The bad news is that it is still broadcasting lies on the behalf of the Democrats.

Somebody must assume it’s worthwhile to keep the network alive if only so nitwits like Chuck Schumer get to report that “We’ve gotten every American out of Afghanistan,” and not have anyone laugh in his face or alert him to the fact his pants are on fire.

I doubt that I would have the patience to home school my son if he were a school-age child. So, I am hardly in a position to suggest that other people home school their own tykes.

But if he were eight or nine instead of 49, I would certainly find the time to teach him Civics so he didn’t believe the anti-American malarkey the infantile propagandists were spoon-feeding him.

This is a great nation, founded by men of superior intellect and morals, and if your kids or grandkids don’t know that, it’s on you.

A few people have challenged me because I’ve said I have no intention of getting the Covid vaccine. I reminded them that I have never suggested that anyone follow my lead, which, come to think of it, may be a first.

In response to one of my recent articles, George Schiele let me know that he and his wife both got their two shots of Moderna in January and February, and so far, no negative reactions and no Covid.

I replied: “I had my 81st birthday in January and so far, no Covid.”

He then admitted that his daughter, who had gotten the J&J shots did contract Covid. “So, yes, no guarantee. The vaccines don’t always work. On the other hand, a far lower percentage of those who have had the vaccine get Covid than do those who have not been vaccinated. So why not go with the odds?”

My response: “Frankly, I don’t believe anything they tell me about the number of cases or their severity. Nobody on my side is telling lies. It strikes me that a lot of people on the other side (Biden, Fauci, Newsom, Pelosi, Feinstein, Pritzker, Walensky, Whitmer) spend all their time serving up whoppers with fries.

"Finally, if I get Covid, I get Covid. That’s on me. If I get vaccinated because Joe Biden and Tony Fauci tell me to and I then get Covid, that’s on them.”

My body, my decision, as we feminists like to say.

Linda Posto, writing from Hawaii, let me know that she had been hiring a handyman to do a lot of the work around the house that her late husband used to do.

But the other day, he asked her if she’d been vaccinated. When she confessed that she hadn’t been, he said he was uncomfortable being around unvaccinated people.

I told her that my perhaps unspoken response would have been “I don’t want to be around vaccinated people who are afraid of being in the vicinity of unvaccinated people because they’re incredibly stupid, and I’m afraid it might be catching.”

That’s the thing I really don’t get. I mean, I got my annual flu shot this afternoon. I got it because I’ve gotten it for the past several years and, whereas in the past, I got hit with the flu just about every year, I haven’t had it once since around 2010.

But I’m certainly not terrified of being in the presence of those who aren’t vaccinated.

That is, after all, the whole point of getting the shot.

While I was out today, I stopped at the bank. Because I arrived a few steps ahead of a woman, I held the door for her. She said “thank you” and then took my place in line.

Because it’s happened in the past, I recognized that it was a peeve of mine. Perhaps not my pet peeve, which would be people who let their dogs poop on my front lawn and don’t clean it up.

But as peeves go, it’s pretty annoying.

I would think the proper etiquette would be to step aside and let me go ahead of them. I would have probably let her go first, assuming she had more important things to get done. But she just assumed it was her right because she set foot in the bank before I did.

That led me to wonder about other people’s peeves. I’m not talking about big things like the left-wingers running the government and the Pentagon. I’m referring to those little every-day annoyances that you’re almost ashamed to mention.

Let me hear from you. There may be peeves I didn’t even know I had.

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