The Patriot Post® · Biden's Border Crisis

By Gary Bauer ·

What’s happening now at the southern border is unbelievable!

We spend approximately $700 billion a year on national defense. That’s more than eight other leading nations combined. What is all that money for if we can’t or won’t even defend our own borders?!

We’re telling Japan, South Korea and Taiwan that we will defend their borders from an invasion. But we have leaders in the White House today who won’t defend America from a slow-motion invasion of Third World “migrants.”

As we have reported, 200,000 illegal aliens are crossing our southern border every single month. This influx doesn’t help America at all. Many of these unskilled illegal immigrants, if not most, will end up on some form of welfare.

And a border that is so porous obviously means more drugs and more gangs are coming across too. We are literally importing more poverty and more violence.

No one voted for that!

But nobody in the GOP consulting class seems to have any idea how to take this to another level so the country sees past the media censorship and realizes that something terrible is happening.

A few hundred people came to Washington this weekend to demonstrate against the treatment of some of those arrested on January 6th. Nancy Pelosi quickly put up a fence around the Capitol Building. National Guard troops were mobilized and put on alert just in case things got out of control.

The border is out of control, but Pelosi will not build a security fence on the border. The border is out of control, but Joe Biden will not deploy the National Guard to the border. The liberal political establishment knows how to defend itself, but it refuses to defend the United States.

Now the Biden Administration is trying to put lipstick on this pig. First, they tried to stop drone images from the Del Rio bridge. Then, they announced that just over 300 Haitians were flown back to Haiti Sunday. I guarantee that more than 300 Haitians walked across our border Sunday. This is a “shell game.”

The Haitians are really confused because they thought Biden said they could come in. Earlier this summer, Biden announced he was giving protected status to Haitians. Now, we have 15,000 living under a Texas bridge.

There is increasing anger and anxiety among the residents of Del Rio, Texas, who are beginning to fear a mass breakout of 15,000 people running into their rural community. What kind of orders do the Texas police and National Guard have if such a thing were to happen?

Meanwhile, Joe Biden was back at his beach house this weekend enjoying some ice cream, while “Border Czar” Kamala Harris was flipping quarters at a football game.

By the way, don’t lose sight of the fact that while this crisis is going on, Biden, Schumer and Pelosi are trying to jam a massive amnesty into the “infrastructure bill.” You can’t get a wall, but they want amnesty. (See below.)

Biden’s Agenda In Jeopardy

Elizabeth MacDonough is not a household name, and I’m sure she prefers it that way. But the Senate parliamentarian is making headlines as she faces incredible pressure from the radical left.

McDonough announced Sunday that she could find no legitimate grounds under the Senate’s rules that would allow Democrats to include a massive amnesty in the so-called “human infrastructure bill.” Democrats want amnesty because they believe it will provide several million new voters for Joe Biden’s reelection.

McDonough’s ruling is good news. But it’s pretty disturbing that the Senate parliamentarian is the only person standing in the way of half the country being relegated to permanent minority status.

Needless to say, the left is furious. Many so-called “progressives,” like Rep. Ilhan Omar, are demanding that Schumer overrule McDonough and ignore the Senate rules.

But that’s not the only problem Biden’s legislative monstrosity is facing. Over the weekend, Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) again called for a pause in negotiations on the $3.5 trillion bill, this time suggesting it be postponed until next year.

That was after Biden called him to the White House last week and hammered him for not being a team player!

I want Manchin to be a team player, too. But the team I want him on is Team America, not the Biden crime family’s team.

The Divider In Chief

One of the problems that bedeviled Donald Trump was that the media constantly blamed him for all the divisions in the country. Joe Biden played up that theme and insisted that he would bring the country together again.

But once in office, Biden immediately became the president of the radical left, and the American people aren’t happy about it. The latest Fox News poll finds that 54% of Americans say we’re more divided now after eight months of Joe Biden. Just 37% think we’re less divided.

On this issue, we’re not divided. Most Americans agree that Biden is not helping the country come together.

The Left’s Hateful Narrative

For a couple of years now, there’s been growing concern about increasing hate crimes against Asian Americans. Immediately, Democrats and their media allies weaponized the concern and created the narrative that Asian Americans hate crimes were increasing because Donald Trump referred to COVID-19 as “the Chinese virus,” and because of alleged growing white supremacy in the country.

As we have noted repeatedly, there is no “growing white supremacy problem” in America. There is, however, a coordinated campaign to demonize people who are perceived as conservative and supportive of the America First agenda.

We have always argued that hate knows no race, and that bigotry comes in all shades. But facts are stubborn things, and the facts never supported the left’s narrative.

Most Asian Americans live in our big urban cities. The idea that they are being attacked by white supremacists strains credulity. In fact, research has shown that most of these hate crimes are being committed by minority men.

Recently, Asian American women have been particularly at risk in the San Francisco Bay area. There have been more than 40 incidents of Asian women being beaten and robbed. Fortunately, arrests were made over the weekend. None of the suspects charged were wearing MAGA hats nor are they white supremacists, which means you’re unlikely to hear anything about this story.

Liberal Hypocrisy

Did you see the Met Gala recently? Or the Emmy Awards this weekend?

The left’s hypocrisy was on full display. All those liberal elites were inside, unmasked, with little to no social distancing. But all the security, all the waiters and servers, all the workers who set up the events — they were all required to wear masks.

We have often said that the American political left is quasi-Marxist. It’s not just their policies, it’s their attitudes. This hypocrisy is common in communist countries. The people are crushed while the elites are well-off.

The Castro family lived lives the people of Cuba could hardly imagine, just like the Politburo members in communist China and the former Soviet Union. The more the left claims it is “for the people,” the more the people better hide their money and fight for their freedom!