The Patriot Post® · Will Biden Ruin Christmas?

By Gary Bauer ·

A few weeks ago, King Fauci announced he wasn’t able to give us permission to celebrate Christmas with our families because of COVID. After a fierce backlash, Fauci reversed himself, saying he was planning to celebrate Christmas with his family.

But don’t think this Christmas is going to be anything close to normal. There’s a good chance that Christmas for many people will be ruined by Joe Biden’s disastrous policies.

It turns out that if you pay unemployed people a lot of money not to work, you get worker shortages. If you tell vaccinated people they still aren’t safe, you get worker shortages. And if you fire people who don’t want to take a chance on the vaccine, you get worker shortages. Gee, who knew?

But what does that have to do with Christmas?

All U.S. ports are clogged with cargo ships containing products from overseas that used to be made here. Last week, there were 90 ships off the coast of California waiting to unload their cargo. They can’t be unloaded because there aren’t enough dockworkers.

But even once the containers are unloaded, there’s a shortage of truck drivers to transport the products to stores. At the Port of Savannah there are 80,000 containers waiting to be shipped out. And even when trucks arrive at stores, there’s a shortage of workers to stock products on store shelves.

So, the Biden Administration, globalism and the COVID hangover are all putting a lump of coal in your stocking this year.

By the way, has anyone seen Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg lately? Buttigieg had absolutely no experience with transportation issues. He was a quota hire.

It was really important for Biden to have a prominent gay man in his cabinet. But I’m sure that most Americans will be happy to know that he’s tweeting out statements celebrating “Indigenous People’s Day.” NOT!

Every aspect of this logjam is being made worse by Biden’s order to corporations to fire unvaccinated workers, which just adds to the labor shortage. (See next item.)

To every elected Republican: You should be talking about this crisis now. As Steve Bannon put it, winter is coming and so is Christmas. But as a result of failed left-wing policies, both are likely to be bleak.

About That Order…

It’s been several weeks since Biden announced his vaccine mandate, but guess what? He never issued any such order. What Biden did was announce that there would be an order requiring companies with 100 employees or more to mandate the vaccine, and that it would be enforced through OSHA, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

So, companies have been scrambling to enforce an order that was never actually issued and may still be weeks away or possibly never issued. The legal justification for OSHA’s enforcement of a vaccine mandate is extremely weak.

And is anything about this administration real?

Biden got his booster shot the other day in the White House. I watched, of course, because it’s my job to monitor what the president is up to. I also worked in the West Wing during the Reagan years. Something just wasn’t right about what I saw.

Well, I was right. It turned out that this event took place on a fake set. No, this isn’t a conspiracy theory. Everyone wants to know why the president is using a fake set when the entire White House complex is his stage to command.

This weekend, we got another dose of cringeworthy “fakery” from Kamala Harris.

While 60,000 Haitians are marching north toward the U.S., our “Border Czar” has been busy talking with children about the wonders of the moon. You can watch it here. I was surprised by how over the top about the moon these kids were. Well, it turns out they’re child actors.

But wait… there’s more. The company that produced Harris’s moon video is named “Sinking Ship Entertainment.” How appropriate!

Seriously, you can’t make this up!

Holes In The Wall

While “Border Czar” Harris is talking to kids about craters on the moon, the open borders policies of the Biden Administration have left gaping holes in our border security.

Approximately 20,000 sections of the border wall are stacked just outside of McAllen, Texas, where thousands of illegal aliens are walking around the end of Trump’s wall because Joe Biden canceled this major infrastructure project. More than $100 million of steel that you paid for is just sitting in the desert totally unused.

The Biden Administration claims most of the unused wall funds will be redirected to “smart border systems.” But Trump’s wall and his multiple requirements to keep illegal aliens in their own countries was the “smart border system.”

The remaining funds will supposedly be used for “environmental surveys.” It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that those surveys won’t come out well. When hundreds of thousands of people are walking across the border every month, the environmental damage is significant. Here’s a tip: Don’t swim in the Rio Grande River!

“Nice” Won’t Cut It

As Biden and his big government henchmen attempt to deprive parents of their constitutional right to free speech, I’m getting frustrated listening to some elected officials and Fox News commentators constantly lecturing us “to be nice” at the school board meetings.

Of course, violence is unacceptable! Nobody is advocating for violence at school board meetings!

But insisting that parents should be “civil” and “polite” is the wrong advice. The left is become more dictatorial every day. If our founders followed this advice, we’d still be singing, “God Save The Queen.”

People have every right to be upset when teachers are bashing our country and telling our kids they are genetically racist if they are white.

Minority parents, encouraging their children to reach for the stars, have every right to be angry when they find out that their kids are being told they are permanent oppressed victims and will never achieve their dreams.

Parents have every right to be furious when they are told that their daughters are being forced to use bathrooms with boys. “Nice” is not the proper tone when your daughters and granddaughters are being put at risk and have their privacy violated.

As we learned during COVID, there is a normal reaction by a healthy body whenever it is attacked by a dangerous virus. The body fights back! It musters every resource of the immune system in order to fight the “invader.”

Likewise, when a leftist virus invades our schools and churches, the healthy, expected, and needed response is to be angry and to fight back.

Again, that’s not a call to violence. It is a call for righteous indignation that makes it clear we won’t be intimidated, we won’t be ignored and we won’t sit down and be quiet.

Storm Clouds

While our military and political elites continue to act like the big threat facing America is conservative parents, communist China is preparing for war against its main enemy — the United States.

On Friday, President Xi Jinping announced that no private investment would be allowed in any Chinese media company, and that private companies are banned from any newsgathering or broadcasting.

Speaking on CNBC yesterday, Kyle Bass, one of the few financial titans willing to criticize communist China, warned that America had better wake up to Beijing’s ambitions. Bass said:

“Today there are 75-plus official Chinese state media accounts on Twitter and they don’t allow any official state media accounts on [Chinese social media]. They don’t allow any of our diplomats to have access to the Chinese people. Why do we keep allowing one-way streets?”

Bass is absolutely right. Communist China is preparing for a major showdown with us.

What do totalitarian nations do as they prepare for war? They clamp down on the press and institute total control of mass communications. And on Saturday, Xi vowed to reassert communist China’s control over Taiwan.