The Patriot Post® · Biden's Latest Crisis

By Gary Bauer ·

Ever since Joe Biden took office, America has been lurching from one crisis to the next. If it’s not COVID, it’s the border. If it’s not the border, it’s Afghanistan. (See below). And if it’s not Afghanistan, it’s the economy.

Now we’re in a crisis of frozen supply chains. It’s been going on during the entire Biden presidency, and like so many other crises, the Biden team has largely ignored it. But facing the prospect of a Christmas with no gifts under the tree, now they’re jumping into action.

Biden officials supposedly have been negotiating with port authorities and major unions for months. Their big new idea announced Wednesday is that ports like Los Angeles will stay open all seven days of the week and work 24 hours a day.

Seriously? It took them months to come up with “work all day, every day”? But that still won’t solve the problem.

Even if the container ships get unloaded, there’s a shortage of truck drivers and warehouse workers to get products on shelves. And Biden is making the labor shortage worse by ordering that workers be vaccinated or be fired.

Biden said this crisis is evidence that Congress should pass his infrastructure bill. Since he brought it up, here’s a reminder: In his first week in office, Biden killed two of the biggest infrastructure projects in the country.

He canceled the Keystone pipeline bringing fuel from Canada. That’s one reason why your heating bill will be a lot higher this winter. I guess folks in California and New York really like paying $5.00 a gallon for gas.

The second big infrastructure project Biden canceled was President Trump’s border wall. That was a massive project helping to keep us safe, and preventing millions of Third World people from overwhelming our hospitals, schools and law enforcement agencies.

Joe Biden has done more damage to our infrastructure than anybody in the last 30 years. Now we’re supposed to believe he has the answers? I don’t think so.

While Biden seems to think he’s got the supply chain crisis under control, I can tell you that here in the northern Virginia suburbs people are noticing more and more empty store shelves. And in other sections, they’re shocked at how prices have risen so dramatically.

It’s A Bad Bill

Whenever Democrats put a massive 2,000-plus page bill on the table and say, “It’s an emergency! We’ll have to pass it first and find out what’s in it later,” you know there’s a big problem.

With the “human infrastructure bill,” they’re only telling us about the “goodies” — the cheese in the trap and you’re the mouse whose head will be caught in that trap. They’re offering goodies like free pre-school childcare. Sounds great, right? If it was such a great idea, there would be no shortage of politicians pushing it and we’d already have it.

What could possibly be wrong with having a reliable place for childcare, while mothers go back to work? Well, let’s put the cost aside. There’s no such thing as “free.”

But one of the requirements for childcare providers to participate in this new government program is that they must be a college graduate. Now, I’m sure we’d all like a PhD to watch our kids. But there’s no logical reason the program should be limited to college graduates.

To begin with, this plan will drive out many good qualified childcare providers who did not graduate from college. It will drive up prices because college graduates are going to demand higher wages.

There’s another disqualifier for providers in the bill. No childcare provider in this program is permitted to be associated with a religious entity. So, if you want your child in a Christian pre-K program or a Jewish pre-K program, you’re out of luck.

We’re told that women can’t go back to work and “Uncle Joe” wants to help them. But not if you’re a religious mother who prefers to have your child in a faith-based setting.

While all religious providers would be affected by this provision, I have no doubt what the motivation behind it is. The left wants fewer believing Christians in America. That animates virtually everything they do from judicial nominees to the statements they release on Christian holidays.

The left wing of the left-wing party would go crazy if one dollar was going to a faith-based childcare center.

This is just another reminder that to this administration and its radical allies, the culture war is everything. They fight on every battlefield and on every piece of legislation.

This is also a good time to recall that in the weeks leading up to last year’s election, many misguided Christian leaders, some of them predictable left-wing progressives and others who don’t fit into that category, issued a statement saying that pro-life evangelicals should vote for Joe Biden because they couldn’t tolerate Trump’s “style.” It didn’t take long before they felt “used and betrayed.”

Biden’s Political Prisoners

Federal Judge Royce Lamberth declared two top officials of the Washington, D.C., Department of Corrections to be in contempt of court this week. Why? Because they failed to provide a prisoner with a required surgery to fix a broken wrist for months. That kind of treatment is cruel and inhumane. But it’s even worse than that.

In his order, Judge Lamberth declared:

“I find that the civil rights of the defendant have been abused. I don’t know if it’s because he’s a January 6th defendant or not, but I find this matter should be referred to the attorney general of the United States for a civil rights investigation into whether the D.C. Department of Corrections is violating the civil rights of January 6th defendants . . . in this and maybe other cases.”

Last year, virtually every major American city suffered through vicious riots. In many cases, the left-wing radicals who were arrested were treated with kid gloves.

Most were released and back out on the streets within hours. Aides for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris raised bail money for them. Very few were prosecuted, even when they attacked federal officers and tried to burn down federal buildings.

If what happened in Seattle and Portland wasn’t an insurrection, I have no idea what is.

But now we have political prisoners being held in Washington, D.C., who are being treated like mass murderers because some of them engaged in riotous behavior.

The left stands with anarchists and Marxists, even when they trash our cities. But few Republicans have been willing to speak up against the treatment of the January 6th defendants.

Aid Or Ransom?

There are still Americans stranded in Afghanistan. We cannot forget about them.

The Biden Administration has signaled repeatedly that it intends to provide foreign aid to Afghanistan. (Foreign aid or ransom? I’ll let you decide.)

As we all know, it’s a narrowly divided country, so I suppose there must be a lot of people who think that’s a good idea, right? Well, only 6% of Americans support sending foreign aid to Afghanistan, while 77% oppose it, including 65% of Democrats.

Every Republican should be hammering this issue. They should be saying, “Don’t even think about it! Not one penny goes to your failed policies in Afghanistan while we’re struggling here to get products on our store shelves.”