The Patriot Post® · Biden's Department of Injustice

By Gary Bauer ·

I drove by the Justice Department the other night, and the lawyers of the Biden revolution were burning the midnight oil. More than 10,000 lawyers work for the Justice Department. They’re graduates of our “best” law schools, meaning our most “woke” law schools.

In a normal America, we would feel good when the lights are on late at the Justice Department. They would probably be going after drug traffickers, organized crime or Chinese spies stealing our technology. But not these days.

This week, the department’s contribution to “justice” was to file a brief before the Supreme Court demanding that Texas not be allowed to save the life of one unborn child.

Yes, that’s right. In your name, the Justice Department declared that Joe Biden doesn’t care if a pre-born baby’s heart is beating — kill it!

Experience at the Justice Department is a big plus on any resume. So, after these Ivy League graduates have made it clear that they want to extinguish the lives of America’s unborn children, they’re guaranteed big bucks at prestigious law firms or in corporate America. But if you believe that marriage is between a man and a woman, don’t bother applying for those jobs.

Of course, that’s not the only thing Biden’s Justice Department is doing. It’s also going after domestic terrorists (we used to call them “parents”) who are upset at school boards for indoctrinating their children.

Biden’s goons are also trying to track down every unvaccinated American and make their lives miserable because they are committed to “saving every single life.” Unless you’re a baby in the womb. Then their mantra is, “We’re coming to get you!”

The Democrat Party’s abortion on demand policies will kill more innocent children this year than the communist Chinese virus will. Leftists endlessly rant about science when it comes to the virus. But when it comes to unborn babies, a beating heart doesn’t have any scientific or moral significance to them.

Years ago, the leading government department charged with protecting us was called the War Department. Eventually, we decided it was misnamed because we don’t go looking for war. So, it was renamed the Defense Department.

Biden’s Justice Department needs a new, more appropriate name. Perhaps the Department of Dead Babies. If that’s a bridge too far, how about the Department of Injustice?

Speaking Of Injustice…

A record number of illegal aliens — more than 1.7 million — were intercepted at the southern border during the 2021 fiscal year, which ended last month. Here’s some critical perspective: Over the past eight years, annual border arrests averaged around 540,000. 2021’s total was three times that.

More than 650,000 were released into the United States, with the Biden Administration flying many of them deep into the interior of the country under the cover of darkness. And that’s not counting the estimated 400,000 illegal aliens who successfully evaded the Border Patrol.

By the way, the Biden Administration, which is firing police officers and nurses who don’t get vaccinated, released more than 16,000 COVID-positive migrants into the country. And did you hear about the horrific rape on a Philadelphia commuter train last week? It turns out that the perpetrator is an illegal alien with a lengthy rap sheet.

How’s that for injustice?

What’s The Plan?

This outrageous news will result in many good people going on Fox demanding that Joe Biden and “Border Czar” Kamala Harris take action. They should save their breath. They have taken action.

They canceled the border wall. They dismantled the entire border security apparatus of the United States. They handcuffed the Border Patrol and essentially abolished ICE.

This is the first administration in history that intentionally made the border less secure than it was when they took office. Open borders is their short-term goal. A new American population is their long-term goal. But, in the process, they have violated the spirit if not the letter of numerous laws.

I repeat: Joe Biden should be impeached for the border crisis alone! But he doesn’t consider 1.7 million illegal aliens a crisis. They represent an opportunity.

In fact, Biden’s radical nominee to lead the U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency is an advocate of sanctuary cities, and he repeatedly refused to call the situation at the border a “crisis,” even when he was repeatedly pressed to describe it during his Senate confirmation hearing yesterday.

The American people are clearly upset. Biden’s approval ratings have fallen to a new low — just 37% in the latest skewed Quinnipiac poll. But this White House doesn’t care.

They have a plan. Ever wonder why the left pushes such insane and unpopular ideas like amnesty? Gutting voter ID laws? And allowing illegal aliens to vote in our elections? It’s all about preserving the left’s power.

Yes, this public is upset, but the new public the left is creating won’t be upset.

This week, pro-amnesty advocates physically blocked the Port of Miami to protest the deportation of Haitian migrants. Do you see what’s being done? The left is building a cadre of millions of illegal immigrants who will fight to not be deported or jailed for their lawbreaking.

“Sleepy Joe” and his handlers know that when you get power, you do whatever it takes to finish the job of making America into the country you want it to be. They don’t care about polls. They’re going to do it.

And then they dare us to show the same resolve in unwinding what they’ve done to us. Most Republicans don’t have the stomach for that fight. They don’t have the guts to take on the left. Donald Trump did, so the left had to destroy him.

Is anyone in the Party of Lincoln and Reagan in the position to call for a summit of the best minds and the best warriors we have to come up with a plan to fight this, other than begging the guy who’s doing it to please stop it?

Where’s Our Military?

When President Donald Trump wanted to deploy troops to secure the border, the Swamp resisted. But what is our military for if not guaranteeing the sovereignty of America’s borders?

General Mark “Thoroughly Modern” Milley downplayed last year’s riots and told President Trump he was wrong when he called them “an insurrection.” Milley said it was just a bunch of kids with spray paint.

Does Gen. Milley think 1.7 million people a year crashing our border is an invasion? Large numbers of foreigners coming into your country without permission is the definition of an invasion.

There’s evidence that much of this is being bankrolled by someone. George Soros is certainly a prime suspect. But how about Russia? How about communist China?

Every American enemy must be thinking, “Defeating America is going to be easier than we thought.”

While the left likes to claim that “Diversity is our strength,” I guarantee you that Beijing, Moscow and Tehran are laughing as we get weaker and weaker, unable to enforce our own laws and secure our own borders.