The Patriot Post® · Herr Fauci Speaks

By Burt Prelutsky ·

Long before now, I’m sure you have become accustomed to our elected officials issuing orders they expect us to follow with no questions asked.

But being bossed around by bureaucrats that nobody ever voted for and whom we can’t get rid of at the next election is a whole new nightmare.

How Anthony Fauci came to have this power and authority is a bit of a mystery, but I have a hunch it stems from his having had a rocky relationship with President Trump. That’s been reason enough for the media to lionize the creepy likes of Andrew Cuomo, Liz Cheney, John Bolton and Michael Avenatti.

It was Lord Acton who observed that power tends to corrupt and absolute power tends to corrupt absolutely. Proof of that is to be found in Fauci. Even the fact that he has regularly changed his mind about the necessity of masks and social distancing hasn’t raised doubts in the minds of his avid followers.

Still, no matter how much I question his edicts, even I was amazed to hear him say: “There comes a time when you have to give up what you consider your rights for the greater good of society.”

So, according to Commandant Fauci, those inalienable rights guaranteed by the Constitution aren’t really yours. You just mistakenly assume they are.

His statement is in accordance with what tyrants always say, whether the rights involve your property, your privacy, your free speech or your religion. Those rights, which you and the Founders believe are God’s to bestow, are really lodged in the State.

And only the State, whether in the form of Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Castro, Xi Jinping or Fauci, has the power to grant or deny.

In spite of all the anti-police propaganda spewed by BLM, Antifa and TV pundits, there are only 10 or 12 shootings of unarmed blacks in any given year, and by unarmed, they mean without a firearm. They don’t count knives or physical violence as actual weapons. In addition, most of the shootings take place as the suspect is resisting arrest.

On the other hand, 59 police officers have been killed during the first 10 months of the year. Nearly all of them by blacks, in many cases by ambush.

In a recent article, I referred to Harvard law professor (emeritus) Alan Dershowitz as Alan Durstewitz. I wasn’t making fun of his name — God knows a Prelutsky never would — I was simply asleep at the switch. I was only making fun of his politics, he being a lifelong Democrat who has spent his entire career defending the Constitution against Democrats.

Lest illegal aliens get the idea that they’re not welcome here, not welcome to receive free schooling, free rent, free medical attention, courtesy of the American taxpayer, Biden has announced there will no longer be ICE raids on places that hire illegal aliens who have stolen jobs from Americans.

I keep hearing those on the Left declaring this a nation of immigrants, making no distinction between those who came here or continue to come here legally and those who flood across our border.

My parents came with their parents from Russia. They came with the idea of becoming Americans and ensuring that their children were Americans. They didn’t come here hoping to recreate Russia in Chicago.

Back in the day, if a member of the family arrived here with a disease, he or she was sent back. They were certainly not allowed to enter during a pandemic, such as the Spanish flu, bringing the disease with them.

Biden is so desperate to import those likely to vote for Democrats, whether infected with Covid, measles or some other disease, he is even providing jet transport to fly them in from Afghanistan.

Although the politically correct want to keep telling us that many of these people were very helpful to us during the war, people seem to forget that it was their war, and we were helping them fight it.

As it happens, they were on the losing side. It may not be entirely their fault, but losing a war generally has unavoidable consequences.

The idea that Afghans are going to become good Americans and good neighbors is not only silly, it’s dangerous.

According to a PEW poll, 40% of Afghans believe that blowing yourself (and others) up is an acceptable way to solve a problem.

R. Cort Kirkwood, writing in The New American, quotes Jason Richwine of the Center for Immigration Studies: “99% of Afghans support Sharia Law; 85% would stone adulterers; 79% want apostates killed; and 60% advocate honor killings.”

What’s more, as we’ve seen in those European countries that swung open its doors to refugees from the Middle East, the rate of sexual attacks soared throughout the continent.

Perhaps when you’ve become accustomed to women wrapping themselves in bedsheets and masks, seeing women’s faces, necks, legs, etc., drives Muslims crazy.

Couple that with the Islamic belief that a woman who exposes her skin is no better than a whore, and nobody should be too shocked when the rate of rapes begins to soar in places like Minnesota, North Carolina, Texas and wherever else Biden decides to insinuate these savages among American voters.

When I hear about schools being shut down because the teachers’ union demands that all the kids be vaccinated, I am reminded of the Mark Twain quote about those who don’t read newspapers being uninformed and those who do read them being misinformed.

Kids who don’t go to school will be uneducated, whereas those who do attend will be indoctrinated.

Bob Schenck reminded me that Einstein allegedly said: “There is a major difference between intelligence and stupidity: intelligence has its limits.”

Robert Jeska supplied an example of galloping inflation when he mentioned that in 2009, when Obama was promoting his stimulus agenda, he set aside $800 million for infrastructure. The bill being pushed by Biden, Schumer and Pelosi, is nearly twice as much.

It so happens that Obama blew most of it on a solar panel start-up called Solyndra, which barely had time to blow through the money before they were out of business, and Obama was chuckling about the lack of “shovel-ready jobs.”

For the past year, I, who wear shorts nearly every day, have been tormented by what turned out to be mosquito bites.

What confounded me was that I never heard them buzzing around, I didn’t feel the bites when they occurred, and they were always in the calf and shin area.

It turns out that it’s an aggressive type of mosquito known as Aedes. I can vouch for their being aggressive, but they are also very lazy. Otherwise, why would a flying insect never get more than a foot off the ground?

It has been reported by people who study such things that the insect arrived in Southern California in 2001 after hitching a ride in shipments of bamboo from — you guessed it — China!

It’s rumored that Joe Biden is relieved that it is the only mass invasion of pests that can’t be laid at his feet.

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