The Patriot Post® · A Second Test

By Gary Bauer ·

British media broke the news Thursday that communist China has conducted not one, but two tests of its new hypersonic, nuclear-capable missiles. The Chinese tests occurred in July and August. Meanwhile, our latest hypersonic missile test failed.

We’ve been talking with a number of defense experts about communist China’s development of hypersonic missiles. My friends, this is a really big deal.

The Biden White House initially refused to confirm that China had tested a hypersonic missile, and we only know about it because concerned defense officials leaked the details. Of course, Beijing’s communist leaders lied about it, just like they lied about COVID, and our official silence is giving them cover.

Biden and Harris need to come clean now!

But if they acknowledge communist China’s success, it’s much harder for the left to gut our defense budget so they can spend trillions on big government socialist programs.

We need a major modernization of our nuclear defense systems. We’ve lost our conventional military edge because of the 9/11 wars, and we’re on the verge of losing our nuclear deterrent while communist China is rapidly expanding its nuclear arsenal.

If communist China is developing first strike weapons and believes we are weak, that will guarantee an unthinkable disaster. This is not warmongering. It’s war preventing. It’s called “peace through strength.”

Biden’s Bad Rhetoric

At a CNN town hall event Thursday night, Joe Biden repeated the same bad rhetoric he and other administration mouthpieces have been using. Biden said, “I don’t want a cold war with China.” Earlier this week, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki brushed off concerns about communist China’s military buildup, saying, “We welcome stiff competition.”

They’re failing at everything, but they’re failing at their number one responsibility – the defense of this country.

This is not “a competition.” Whether Biden wants it or not, we are in a cold war with communist China, a brutal, genocidal regime that means to crush us. While we’re trashing our founders and our history, communist China is producing propaganda films about its glory days when it defeated the United States.

But the more Biden and his shills call it “a competition,” the more corporate America will feel justified investing in communist China, subsidizing Beijing’s military buildup while the left is cutting our military.

Speaking of bad rhetoric, Biden also said Thursday night that the United States would come to Taiwan’s defense if the island republic is attacked by communist China. Biden added that we should be worried not about China’s military might, but that the regime might “make a serious mistake.”

Unfortunately, the White House quickly issued a “clarification” suggesting that we might not defend Taiwan after all. The “clarification” resulted in headlines like this one from Newsweek: “Joe Biden Misspeaks on Taiwan Again as White House Issues Clarification on China Remarks.”

So, will the United States defend Taiwan or not? Who knows?!

But I do know that Beijing is very aware of the mixed messages from the White House signaling weakness. That may very well lead them to “make a serious mistake” and attack the island assuming America won’t intervene because this White House evidently has no idea what it would do.

Assaulting Freedom

As bad as Biden’s comments on communist China were, he really outdid himself on the issue of vaccine mandates. The president openly mocked the idea of freedom.

When asked whether nurses, firefighters and police officers should be fired if they choose not to get vaccinated, Biden said, “Yes… Freedom. I have the freedom to kill you with my COVID. No. Come on, freedom?”

That sentence is unbelievably offensive.

The death rate among vaccinated people is miniscule. But people should have a right to question an experimental vaccine. Yes, it is a matter of freedom. People should not have to fear Big Government taking away their jobs. That’s tyranny.

But this is the left’s attitude toward all our freedoms – free speech, religious freedom, Second Amendment freedoms. They mock them all.

They want to shut down free speech, whether it’s Antifa beating up people in the streets or Big Tech silencing debate online.

They eagerly shut down our churches during the pandemic, while pot stores and liquor stores stayed open. You could easily get an extra bottle of wine, but don’t even think about going to church. And the left isn’t shy about taking away your firearms.

Leftists rail against freedom because they mean to rule over us.

The only freedom they get emotional about is abortion. So, while Biden mocks your freedom to work and control your healthcare decisions, he’ll fall on his sword over the “freedom” to kill an unborn baby.

The fact is Biden’s vaccine mandate is hurting the economy. Major business groups and the Federal Reserve are warning that the mandates are making labor shortages and the supply chain crisis worse.

And by the way, why should only working Americans be subject to vaccine mandates? Why isn’t Biden imposing vaccine mandates on illegal aliens or welfare recipients? As one columnist put it:

Biden is mandating that the Americans who supply most of the tax revenue to pay for America’s welfare system be vaccinated or lose employment. But the beneficiaries of the welfare state are exempt.

I am pleased to report there is growing resistance to Biden’s mandate madness.

  • Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is calling for a special legislative session to tackle the issue of mandates in the Sunshine State.

  • Delta and Southwest Airlines have both retreated from their vaccine mandates.

  • In-N-Out Burger is fighting draconian mandates in California that require restaurant employees to become vaccine passport police.

Good News

  • State school board associations are canceling their membership in the National Association of School Boards over the group’s letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland labeling concerned parents “domestic terrorists.”

  • Parents are suing Attorney General Merrick Garland over his order directing the FBI to investigate concerned moms and dads at school board meetings.

  • Seventeen state attorneys general demanded Garland withdraw his order and “cease further actions designed to intimidate parents.”

  • A parental rights group is suing the Wellesley Public School system in Massachusetts to stop the use of Marxist and racist curriculum based on critical race theory. The lawsuit alleges that the school system is segregating students based on “affinity groups” and that white students are being denied access to so-called “healing spaces.”

  • Beth Barts, one of the most radical members of the Loudoun County School Board and the focus of an intense recall campaign, announced her resignation late last week.

  • Texas and Missouri are suing to force the Biden Administration to continue construction of Trump’s border wall.

  • Christian employers are suing the Biden Administration to stop mandates requiring them to provide coverage for “gender transitioning” surgeries.