The Patriot Post® · RIP, Bob

By Gary Bauer ·

As we all know, the Greatest Generation is sadly passing away, and the country will be worse off because of this loss. We got another reminder of this sad fact when one of the great men of that generation, former Kansas Senator Bob Dole, died this weekend.

Like most Americans of his generation, Bob Dole wasn’t confused about America. He volunteered for the military after Pearl Harbor, and was grievously wounded fighting real Nazis in Italy. He received two Purple Hearts and the Bronze Star for his service. And he continued to serve America for 28 years in the Senate.

In 2016, previous GOP presidents and presidential nominees refused to attend the Republican National Convention. But Bob Dole was there as a strong Trump supporter, and he remained loyal to Trump throughout his presidency.

Please join Carol and me in praying for Elizabeth Dole and his daughter, Robin.

China’s Latest Threat

Communist China is aggressively trying to bribe countries on Africa’s west coast. The purpose is clear — Beijing is trying to develop naval bases there in order to threaten the east coast of the United States and challenge us in the Atlantic. Equatorial Guinea is the current target of communist China’s plans.

U.S. intelligence has figured out what communist China is up to. We are aggressively trying to convince the president of Equatorial Guinea to resist Beijing’s overtures. We are now in a bidding war against communist China with potentially every west coast African nation.

Meanwhile, as the Biden regime goes all in on the Green New Deal, communist China is taking more steps to corner the market on the resources that make “green energy” possible.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Beijing just approved “the creation of one of the world’s largest rare-earths companies [in order] to maintain its dominance in the global supply chain of the strategic metals.”

Biden’s mad push for “alternative energy” is playing right into Xi Jinping’s hands. Green energy requires massive amounts of these “rare earth metals.” Biden is making America even more dependent on communist China.

But don’t worry. While Beijing is threatening the east coast and cornering the global market on vital resources, President Biden announced that neither he or any other U.S. government official will attend the 2022 Beijing Olympics, otherwise known as the “Genocide Games.”

I’m sure that “bold action” has communist China really nervous. NOT!

Courts Order Biden Change

Under court order, Biden has announced that he is reinstating Donald Trump’s “remain in Mexico” policy for migrants claiming asylum at the southern border.

Trump’s policy was not extreme or harsh. The vast majority of asylum claims are bogus, and the asylum process was being grossly abused. Donald Trump got Mexico to agree to the policy by threatening to impose tariffs on products made in Mexico if it didn’t cooperate with us.

Biden canceled the Trump policy immediately upon taking office. That ill-advised move was a major factor in the record illegal immigration we’ve been facing ever since. Republican governors sued, and the courts ordered Biden to reinstate the policy. But he’s only doing so reluctantly, and he is doing everything he can to undermine the policy.

For example, Biden caved in to a number of Mexican demands, and CNN reports that Biden’s Department of Homeland Security is “asking all potential enrollees whether they have a fear of returning to Mexico.” If they say, “yes” it’s likely they won’t be returned. In short order, every asylum seeker will know what answer to give to stay in the U.S.

The Ayatollah Isn’t Serious

We told you last week that Joe Biden had reopened negotiations with Iran for a new nuclear deal. Well, those talks have been suspended. Secretary of State Antony Blinken said that the Iranian regime “does not seem serious about doing what’s necessary to return to compliance.”

Wake up, Secretary Blinken! Iran was never serious. Tehran’s radical regime has a long history of breaking virtually every deal it has signed. That’s why Donald Trump got us out of the last bad Biden deal with Iran!

More Fake News

The left-wing media was having hysterical fits this weekend after Florida Governor Ron DeSantis submitted a budget request for the Florida National Guard. Funding the National Guard is generally a mundane exercise, but DeSantis can’t do anything without the left-wing media losing its mind.

Among the provisions in the governor’s request was $3.5 million to reestablish the Florida State Guard, a small volunteer force that is independent of the National Guard. To many left-wing pundits, this simply proved that DeSantis was a fascist dictator who “can’t be trusted” with his own private army that will “wreak havoc on vulnerable people.”

But the DeSantis proposal is not a crackpot scheme devised by a wannabe dictator. Nearly two dozen states currently have these forces, including California and New York. But you wouldn’t know that from the left’s insane reaction.

And that reaction is very revealing. This is all the left has — fear and misinformation. They did it to Trump, and they’re now trying to smear DeSantis as a fascist. It’s more fake news and totally false, but that won’t stop them.

They’ll do it to any leading conservative, no matter how polite they are. Remember, Mitt Romney killed women and was going to put black Americans “back in chains.”

Republicans must simply brace themselves for these kinds of attacks in 2022 and 2024, and they must fight back!

Trump’s Warning

On the latest edition of “Life, Liberty and Levin,” Donald Trump warned that Joe Biden could so seriously damage the United States that it will be virtually impossible to recover. Trump is right, and more conservatives need to be reiterating this fundamental point. From the border to weakness abroad and out-of-control deficit spending, everything Biden is doing is causing incalculable harm.

Yes, Republicans think they can do well in 2022 and 2024. I certainly hope they do, given the alternative. But the fight we’re in is far more important than just the next election. More importantly, what are they prepared to do to reverse the damage and save America?

As I have suggested before, all options — including impeachment — must be on the table. Biden’s willful disregard for the Constitution and the laws of this country demands it!

A Great Headline

Courtesy of the Babylon Bee: “Unemployment Rate Among Cuomo Brothers Rises To 100%.”