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By Burt Prelutsky ·

Publisher’s Note: We are sad to report the passing of our longtime friend and writer, Burt Prelutsky, a devoted Patriot Post contributor since 2009. Burt’s astuteness, sarcasm, and patriotism were evident in each and every column. We will be running his last few columns over the coming week. Please lift his family up in prayer during this difficult time.

I recently received a number of Ivermectin tablets from a friend. I thought I would start the prescribed regimen, which calls for taking two the first week and then one each week thereafter. But I changed my mind. I decided I would start taking them if I experienced an initial symptom but would otherwise keep them in a desk drawer.

The way I looked at it, even though I am closing in on 82 and have undergone four surgeries in the past six months, I haven’t contracted the disease after nearly two years. So I have to assume that either I am naturally immune or that my regular ingestion of vitamins B, C and D, have kept me safe.

As for the Ivermectin, I don’t believe any drug is wholly without its side effects. Heck, even a single peanut can kill some people.

If I seem inordinately cavalier, it’s because I have long accepted that death is inevitable, unless, for reasons of His own, God has granted me immortality. I certainly have no desire to hang on for no better reason than that I am afraid of dying. Strokes scare me, but not death.

Even if there is an afterlife, which I tend to doubt, I figure I’m on pretty safe ground. I don’t expect to have a mansion in Heaven. Even the house I live in is a lot bigger than I need, now that I’m a widower. Like Will Rogers, I’d just like to wind up where the dogs hang out.

Sharyl Attkisson, one of the few reporters worth her salt today, wrote a book in 2020 titled “Slanted: How the News Media Taught Us to Love Censorship and Hate Journalism.”

More recently, she wrote an article in which she mentioned that in the 1950s, the CIA ran a covert campaign called “Operation Mockingbird,” in which they recruited journalists as assets to spread propaganda, and while the campaign officially ended 20 years later, evidence suggests the project never really stopped.

She points out that multinational industries and the drug industry in particular, wield tremedndous influence over content relating to their particular interests. As drug advertising became a major income stream for media companies, their reporting on health and medicine became increasingly biased.

Big Tech companies, she points out, are also masters at censoring anything that might hurt them or their political allies.

She concludes by detailing how in terms of health, Covid-19 reporting has taken censorship and media manipulation to unbelievably new heights. “All social media platforms are openly censoring dissenting views about the virus, and truth-telling scientists have been axed for speaking out against the desired narrative dictated by the World Health Organization.” It certainly explains how it is that an egotistical pipsqueak like Anthony Fauci has managed to achieve godly status.

Although I’m pretty certain he knew the answer, Stephen Hanover wrote to ask how it is that China gets away with contributing to our political campaigns; how Rep. Eric Swalwell got away with canoodling with a Chinese spy; and how it is that our stateside military bases have been set up to house, feed and clothe thousands of unvetted Afghan evacuees. I replied: “The problem with things being illegal is that those in a position to enforce the law are the same scofflaws who benefit either monetarily or politically, or both, from the crime.”

I am aware of the fact that just about everyone in authority is doing all he or she can to destroy the quality of our lives. They are denying us our constitutional rights, but they are also forcing us to live next to the dregs of humanity, the so-called homeless, who are willing to live like animals, using our streets and sidewalks for their bathrooms, just so long as our tax dollars provide them with booze and their other drugs of choice.

Along with a corrupt president, we have hundreds of governors and mayors with their sanctuary states and cities, inviting millions of aliens to flood across the border, bringing with them drug smugglers, sex traffickers, the diseased and others who think they are somehow entitled to live off the largesse of American citizens.

Because of their power, money and influence, the authoritarians can, to a great extent, avoid the worst consequences of their abominable actions. But even someone like Nancy Pelosi can’t be entirely oblivious to the crime and squalor of her hometown of San Francisco, a once beautiful city that today resembles a once elegant dowager dying slowly and painfully of syphilis.

There can only be one answer to why none of these people seems even slightly alarmed by the defiling of the nation. It’s the answer provided by John Milton in “Paradise Lost,” when he had Satan, the Fallen Angel, declare “Better to reign in Hell than to serve in Heaven.”

My in-box is quickly filling up with conspiracy theories. And while I tend to dismiss conspiracies out of hand, mainly because I don’t think people are all that good at keeping secrets, so many absolutely insane things are taking place all around us, it becomes harder and harder to ignore them completely.

A recent arrival suggested that the announcement of the Omicron variant was timed to coincide with the beginning of Ghislaine Maxwell’s sex trafficking trial in order to draw attention away from the possible disclosure of famous names, although would anyone actually believe that Bill Clinton flew to Jeffrey Epstein’s private island 26 times just to have sex with underage girls? I’m sure that anyone who knows the man would have to believe he was showing up to see for himself if money from the Clinton Charitable Foundation was being used appropriately; say to provide the girls with birth control paraphernalia.

Another conspiracy theory involves getting Kamala Harris to resign in favor of Michelle Obama and rewarding her with a seat on the Supreme Court. I don’t buy it. For one thing, Mrs. Obama isn’t any more popular than Mrs. Harris, and I doubt if the Senate would confirm the mad cackler, especially if she couldn’t cast the 51st vote.

Bob Hunt passed along a meme that provides the final word on Kyle Rittenhouse’s trial.

It reads: “Listen, guys, I know the tensions are high surrounding the Kenosha case, but just hear me out.

"1. He should not have been there that night.

"2. What he did was foolish and dangerous.

"3. He went there with the intent to cause trouble and commit crimes.

"4. He deserved much worse than he got.

"5. The fact that he was carrying a gun that he was not legally allowed to have should have been enough to convict him.

"Anyway, that’s enough about Gaige Grosskreutz.”

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