The Patriot Post® · Biden's Nuclear Armageddon

By Gary Bauer ·

I have been warning for months that Joe Biden and the left would love some sort of emergency leading up to the election that could unite the country around the incumbent president and his party, perhaps making voters hesitant to “change horses in midstream.”
Or, even more sinister, they would love a crisis they could exploit to declare an emergency, providing them with an excuse to implement additional extraordinary voting protocols, as the left did during the pandemic. 
I thought about all that when I learned Joe Biden was talking about nuclear Armageddon at a Democrat fundraiser – the last place he should be making such remarks.  Biden said:
“We have not faced the prospect of Armageddon since Kennedy and the Cuban missile crisis…  [Putin’s] not joking when he talks about potential use of tactical nuclear weapons… I don’t think there’s any such thing as the ability to easily use a tactical nuclear weapon and not end up with Armageddon.” 
We’ve been told repeatedly by so-called “experts” that they did not believe Putin would be stupid enough to use tactical battlefield nuclear weapons.  But now the president is suggesting he just might. 
If “Armageddon” is suddenly a real possibility, world leaders should be rushing to negotiate a peace deal between Russia and Ukraine.  Unless they are telling us that we should prepare for nuclear war over Kiev.  And who exactly voted for that?
There is only one other explanation I can come up with for why Biden would make those remarks at a fundraiser before he has said any such thing to the American people.  Sadly, it could be an example of his mental meltdown.  Saying inappropriate things at inappropriate times is a sign of dementia.  That shouldn’t make any of us feel any better either.
But here’s the bottom line:  The left has said repeatedly, “Never let a crisis go to waste.”  It has shown that it is willing to create a crisis where none exists, e.g., global warming.  Progressives used COVID to advance their socialist agenda.  They attacked our religious liberty and changed election rules to their advantage. 
I have no reason to believe they won’t try it again, which is why the next 30 days may be the most dangerous 30 days we have faced in modern history. 
The left’s willingness to exploit any crisis is not an argument against “changing horses in midstream.”  It is an argument for just that – making major changes to rein in these maniacs before they destroy the country!
Second Thoughts
I had the opportunity to dive deeper into the Washington Post’s report on Hunter Biden that obviously came from a leaker in the Justice Department.  The more I examined the situation, the more I believed we were being played. 
There was nothing new in this report.  Months ago, investigators had narrowed their focus to tax issues and a possible firearm permitting violation. 
So, why does the Justice Department, which is daily leaking to the media to attack Donald Trump and conservatives, suddenly have a leak about Hunter Biden? 
There could be several motivations.  They could be trying to defend themselves against charges that they’ve become “Biden’s Gestapo,” using their powers to go after only conservatives and pro-life activists. 
My good friend Mark Levin suggests they’re getting ready to indict Donald Trump, and signaling that Hunter may also be indicted makes it look like they’re “bipartisan,” just doing their job and not playing political favorites. 
We know the White House is fearful of Congress’s investigative power, should the House and Senate fall into Republican hands.  Perhaps this is an effort to get Hunter off the agenda by arguing that he’s already been investigated.
But I think there is something far more serious and outrageous here. 
Nothing in this leak indicates that the FBI is doing anything with the voluminous material on the laptop or the public statements of his previous business partner, all of which point to the fact that Hunter was the rainmaker for the Biden family. 
He was harvesting money (the way Democrats harvest votes) from communist China, Ukrainian energy interests and Russian oligarchs!
Hunter Biden has no known skills.  He’s not an expert in energy industries or anything other than prostitutes.  So, why were Chinese companies, controlled by the Chinese Communist Party, so eager to pay him millions of dollars?  What exactly did he produce for those contracts? 
It was all about access and influence.  This is a national scandal! 

  • We know that Joe Biden regularly met with people Hunter Biden was doing business with, often in what appeared to be “seal the deal” meetings. 
  • We know he had a Chinese national working for him in his “business office.”  Some insiders believe she was likely working for the Chinese government, just like the Chinese spy who compromised Rep. Eric Swalwell.  
  • We know that powerful interests throughout the federal government did everything they could to stop the laptop story from becoming known to the American public before the 2020 election.  That fact alone is proof of a fraudulent election. 
  • We haven’t forgotten that 50 former intelligence officials signed a public letter declaring Hunter’s laptop to be Russian disinformation, which it was not.  These intelligence “experts” either lied or they were too stupid to know the difference between disinformation and the truth.  None of them have publicly apologized since.  
  • We know that government agencies were colluding with social media titans, warning them to censor certain stories because they were Russian disinformation. 

Now we’ve got this Washington Post story that Hunter is still under investigation, but there isn’t one word about his influence peddling for communist China.  This Post report is, in my view, a total distraction.  If Hunter is prosecuted at all it won’t be on anything that really matters or begins to get close to his father.
So, my brief moment of encouragement has been tempered after additional reflection.  The fix is still in, and powerful forces are still trying to prevent us from getting to the most important question:  Has the president of the United States been compromised by communist China? 
That’s the real story, not tax returns and gun permits.
Biden’s Buzz
Washington was buzzing Thursday that the White House was getting ready to make a big announcement on drugs.  I thought Biden was finally about to take serious action against the deadly fentanyl from communist China that is pouring across the southern border, poisoning hundreds of thousands of Americans and leading to record drug overdose deaths. Silly me.
Alas, it was an announcement that Biden is going to issue pardons for all federal marijuana possession charges
Oh well.  Maybe next time Biden will take the border, fentanyl and overdose deaths more seriously.
Good News 

  • More than 60 abortion clinics have ceased operations since the Dobbs decision.  Lives are being saved! 
  • Kudos to Blake Masters for exposing the Democrats’ pro-abortion extremism in his debate last night with Sen. Mark Kelly.  That’s how every Republican should handle the issue! 
  • The Supreme Court effectively struck down restrictive gun control laws in Massachusetts.  This is a victory for Second Amendment rights.  
  • The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals declared Obama’s DACA program for illegal aliens to be unconstitutional and ordered a freeze on the program. 
  • A federal judge upheld the right of the Archdiocese of Indianapolis and its affiliated schools to require employees to adhere to certain standards of conduct and behavior consistent with the teachings of the Catholic faith.  This is an important victory for religious liberty. 

  • The Republican National Committee and the Arizona Republican Party filed separate lawsuits against Maricopa County (the largest county in Arizona) over the county’s biased selection of poll watchers and other issues related to election integrity.