The Patriot Post® · Capitalists Gone Crazy

By Gary Bauer ·

What in the world has happened to corporate America?

Virtually every major American corporation has bought into the “climate emergency” narrative. It’s insanity! Don’t they realize that the people pushing this narrative want to impose socialism on the country and this is their primary vehicle?

By the way, South Africa is leading the world in greenhouse gas reductions right now. But it’s nothing to applaud. Environmentalists may be happy, but people are suffering.

Corporate America is also all in on “Diversity, Equity and Inclusion” (DEI). Those are nice sounding words, but they really mean racial quotas, racial indoctrination and other forms of Marxism.

And I’m sure you’ve noticed that the “I” — inclusion — never applies to Christians, conservatives or, in some cases, heterosexuals. (How do these corporate DEI bosses think their future customers will be conceived and born?)

But the greatest folly of all is to see one iconic corporation after another “transitioning” (pun intended!) into godless sin warriors. Not just “social justice warriors,” but sin warriors.

Did the top brass at Budweiser really think that their average customer wanted to be associated with a man who pretends to be a teenage girl? As one headline put it, “Bud Light Sales Continue To Go Flat.”

Referring to the Bud Light boycott, one beer industry expert said, “Nobody imagined it would go on this long… I’ve never seen anything [like this]… It’s a real shock.”

Well, does anyone at Target watch the news? In the middle of the Bud Light disaster, Target executives put a target on their own backs when they decided to up the ante.

Apparently motivated by nothing more than their desire to kneel before the altar of the LGBTQ mafia, Target partnered with a transgendered designer who is also a proud satanist!

Now, Target is dumping his merchandise and scrambling to move its Pride displays to the back of its stores. They should keep moving it back, out the back door and into the dumpster in the back of the parking lot!

Evidently, North Face, which sells outdoor clothing, wants in on the action. Their contribution to the “Sodom and Gomorrahing” of America is an ad featuring a flamboyant transvestite dancing around and encouraging people to “come out … in nature.”

Don’t think it is just a coincidence that so much of this sewage, whether its Target, North Face or Disney, is aimed at our children and grandchildren. The left is targeting our kids and driving a wedge between parents and their children.

Don’t take my word for it. Check out this LGBTQ “youth carnival” in Indianapolis which parents are not allowed to attend. And there is a growing effort to put parents in jail if they don’t affirm their child’s gender delusions.

I have spent my entire life being a good free-market capitalist, as have most Americans. Family-owned businesses and entrepreneurs continue to appreciate and support faith, family and freedom.

But I am increasingly inclined toward turning over these major corporations to the tender mercies of AOC and Bernie Sanders if they continue to insist on mocking the values of most Americans.

Senator Tom Cotton recently demonstrated exactly how it’s done!

Communist China Strikes Again

Microsoft, along with various Western intelligence agencies, warned Wednesday that hackers in communist China were attempting to infiltrate critical infrastructure systems in Guam (which has major military assets) and the United States.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the hacking effort appears aimed at “pursuing capabilities that could disrupt communication infrastructure between the U.S. and Asia in a future crisis.”

This latest cyberattack comes as the Biden Administration is bending over backwards to accommodate Beijing and “reset” U.S./China relations.

If U.S. military chiefs needed another reason to drop their woke nonsense and start preparing to fight a war, this would be it. Unfortunately, I don’t see any evidence that is happening.

Communist China just sent a massive spy balloon over our country and just probed ways to cripple our communications systems. At worst, it looks like the start of hostilities. At a minimum, it certainly isn’t nothing.

But all we’re hearing from Biden is how much he just wants to talk to his old friend Xi.

Did anyone even tell him about this latest cyberattack on our critical infrastructure? Or did they decide that the “old man” didn’t need to know?

Woke Won’t Win Wars

Our military keeps insisting that “Our diversity is our strength.” We know what they mean by diversity.

There’s no doubt that if war erupts between the U.S. and communist China, we will field the most diverse military in the history of the world. But right now, there’s a good chance that the record of this extremely diverse military will be 0 wins and 1 big loss.

I fear our woke generals actually believe that “diversity” is a strength, and that a Chinese military with zero diversity — no open homosexuals, no drag queens, no transgender soldiers and no ethnic diversity — will be a really weak enemy.

By the way, the media is really excited about Air Force Gen. Charles Brown, Jr., as Biden’s replacement for Gen. Mark “Thoroughly Modern” Milley.

The New York Times notes that when Brown replaces Milley as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, “the top two Pentagon leadership positions would be inhabited by African American men for the first time in American history.”

So what? Do affirmative action or racial quotas help us win wars? The evidence isn’t very encouraging, and Gen. Brown seems to be among the wokest of our woke officers.

By the way, a new study totally debunks the absurd claim that our military and our veterans are a bunch of “white supremacists” and “right-wing extremists.” If anything, it found the exact opposite!

Not only was support among veterans for extremist groups lower than the general population, more veterans actually gravitated toward radical left-wing groups like black nationalists and Antifa.

Yet another fake news left-wing narrative busted.

I frequently note that the most common command in the Bible is “Fear not.” I believe that is what our attitude should be as individual Christians.

But at the same time, you can be fearful for America. I am fearful that at some point in the future, for whatever reason, America may no longer exist. And that would be a terrible thing for millions of people around the world.

Property Rights Win Big

Yesterday was a good day for property rights in America.

In a pair of unanimous decisions, the Supreme Court rolled back the ever-increasing power of the federal EPA, and the justices also limited the power of state and local governments to confiscate assets.

DeSantis DeFlated

Well, that didn’t go as planned…

Gov. Ron DeSantis’s much-hyped announcement on Twitter Spaces was, unfortunately, plagued with technical glitches. All over the media yesterday, even on places like Fox News (which clearly favors DeSantis), the coverage was decidedly negative.

Many GOP mega-donors have reportedly been underwhelmed by DeSantis so far, and Tuesday night’s botched rollout certainly isn’t helping. Fortunately for the Florida governor, as one commentator noted, DeSantis’s stumble comes at the starting line of a long marathon.

To be clear, I believe Gov. DeSantis has done an incredible job in Florida. I was impressed by his willingness to aggressively take on Disney, in addition to his leadership on life, educational reform and illegal immigration.

Going forward, I hope Ron DeSantis and Donald Trump can battle it out in a way that makes it possible for our party to easily unite and prevail in November 2024.

Chag Sameach

This weekend, Jews will celebrate Shavuot, which commemorates the day God gave Moses the Ten Commandments.

To our Jewish friends and allies, as we pray for the peace of Jerusalem, we wish you a joyous Shavuot!