Right Hooks

He Lied. Period.

Nov. 6, 2013

Editorial Exegesis

National Review: “The president misspoke: What he meant to say, a hundred or so times, was: ‘If I like your insurance, you can keep it.’ You may like your insurance, but that is not quite good enough for the Obama administration. Contrary to the endlessly repeated promise of the president and his political allies, millions and millions of Americans who do in fact like their current insurance policies are receiving notices that they will not be allowed to keep them. The White House and its media allies are working furiously to explain away this fact, but there is no explaining it away: The president lied about this. … Nor can the Democrats say that they did not see this coming. After the passage of the Affordable Care Act, Senator Mike Enzi (R., Wyo.) introduced a bill specifically intended to alleviate this problem and ensure that small businesses would have their health-insurance plans grandfathered in. Democrats voted unanimously against it. There is no amount of clever spin or media denial that can make the president’s promises accord with the reality of what his administration is doing – or with the fact that he knew his claims were untrue at the time he was making them.”