The Patriot Post® · Video: Jordan Peterson Educates Climate Activist

By Media Editors ·

Dr. Jordan Peterson educates a climate activist on personal responsibility — and she is not happy about it.

How do you want to improve America? By focusing on improving and refining yourself? Or by transforming society? The answer to that question will reveal whether you’re on the Left or the Right.

“I’m not suggesting in the least, and have never suggested, that there’s no domain for social action. I’m suggesting that people who don’t have their own houses in order should be very careful before they go about reorganizing the world. … I think generally people have things that are more within their personal purview that are more difficult to deal with and that they’re avoiding and that generally the way they avoid them is by adopting peusdo-moralistic stances on large-scale social issues so that they look good to their friends and their neighbors.” —Jordan Peterson