The Patriot Post® · Video: How Planned Parenthood Uses Uber to Arrange Secret Abortions

By Media Editors ·

An attorney who helps minors to obtain abortions via the judicial-bypass process has claimed that Planned Parenthood pays for Uber to transport teens for abortion procedures without parental knowledge.

In a video interview with Progressive Massachusetts in April, attorney Christine Bonardi told interviewer Jonathan Cohn that she feels laws requiring parental consent or notification before a minor obtains an abortion is “part of the patriarchal society that we live in that women do not have the ability — no matter how old they are — to make decisions on their own about their own healthcare.” Bonardi claims she is usually contacted by Planned Parenthood by text when a minor is seeking an abortion but must wait until the minor contacts her personally before she can assist the minor in obtaining a judicial bypass. A “judicial bypass” is an order from a judge stating that a minor may obtain an abortion for herself without adhering to a state’s laws mandating parental involvement.