The Patriot Post® · The 'MO' Solution to Biden's VP Problem?

By Mark Alexander ·

With the Democrat Party convention just a week away, Joe Biden has, once again, delayed the announcement of his running mate.

Last year, I estimated that Biden would choose Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) as his running mate. Despite the fact that I have a very opaque crystal ball when it comes to Democrat political futures, I stuck to the Harris prediction, and I take a fair amount of ribbing from my editors about that conviction.

As I noted then, I’m sure ol’ Joe has assessed Harris, much as he did Barack Obama back in 2008, to be “the first mainstream African American [woman] who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking [gal].” You know, “I mean, that’s a storybook, man!” Harris is the female version of Obama, and Biden just followed his nose! For the record, I added, “Speaking of Obama, Biden’s best wild card option would be — drum roll please: Michelle Obama.”

Now Biden has a Harris problem. After he and his Democrat race-bait agitators Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer launched riots in their Demo-controlled urban centers nationwide on the spurious claim of “systemic racism,” Biden’s VP calculus changed — dramatically. And that is why his puppeteers have delayed the announcement of his candidate, even though the Demo convention is scheduled to begin on 17 August — a week from today.

Clearly, Biden’s handlers know he is just a place marker whose strategy is to remain in hiding through Election Day, and who will likely resign early in his first term due to his progressive state of dementia. Thus, Democrat voters will be casting their ballots for his VP.

The latest Harris alternative under consideration is Obama’s former National Security Advisor and UN Ambassador, Susan Rice. Rice is a political hack, the principal co-conspirator with Hillary Clinton’s campaign in the set up of LTG Michael Flynn, which enabled the Democrat launch of their coup d'etat charade to take down Donald Trump. She was also the primary architect of then-Secretary of State Clinton’s 2012 Benghazi coverup to protect Obama’s re-election campaign.

Prior to the race riots, Biden had committed to putting a black female on his ticket. Until June, Harris looked like the best choice to keep his “votes of color” in line. But given that Democrats played their fake race card for the last two months, Biden has now painted himself in a corner with a palette of identity politics. As the VP announcement “buildup” has mounted, the question now is this: What black female can Biden choose without disenfranchising his racially charged constituents to her left, or his more moderate Demo supporters and independent voters to her right?

But will Rice suffice as a Harris replacement, or is she too much like Harris? Biden can’t afford to alienate even a few percent of his voters to the left of his VP.

Thus, who can best bridge Biden’s problem? Enter Michelle Obama, who has stepped into the political light in recent weeks. If they can convince her to run, she is Biden’s August surprise. Otherwise he is going to have to bridge the gap between left and far left. Nancy Pelosi laughably asserted, “I don’t think it matters who the vice presidential candidate is historically. It has never mattered.” But the only thing that matters on the Demo ticket is who Biden’s handlers tap as his vice presidential candidate.

The great irony about the Biden’s VP race pandering charade is that the Democrat Party is the most enduring monument to racism in America.

Update: Apparently Michelle Obama stood by her assertion that she would not run. Thus, Biden bypassed Rice and on 11 August, just days before the Demo convention, announced Harris will be his VP candidate.