The Patriot Post® · More Evidence of ChiCom Pandemic Malfeasance

By Mark Alexander ·

Ahead of the critical release of the Trump administration’s Operation Warp Speed vaccines, there was more evidence this week of what we already know: Red China concealed information about the CV19 pandemic, and that concealment significantly increased the spread of the virus worldwide.

According to global health expert Yanzhong Huang, the latest leaked Wuhan files from the Hubei Provincial Center for Disease Control add to what is already known about the ChiCom suppression of information regarding the onset of the virus.

Huang notes: “It was clear they did make mistakes — and not just mistakes that happen when you’re dealing with a novel virus — also bureaucratic and politically motivated errors in how they handled it. These had global consequences. You can never guarantee 100% transparency. It’s not just about any intentional cover-up, you are also constrained with by technology and other issues with a novel virus. But even if they had been 100% transparent, that would not stop the Trump administration downplaying the seriousness of it. It would probably not have stopped this developing into a pandemic.”

Andrew Mertha, director of the China Studies Program at Johns Hopkins University, concluded: “China had an image to protect internationally, and lower-ranking officials had a clear incentive to under-report — or to show their superiors that they were under-reporting — to outside eyes.” He added that the under-reporting of deaths “appeared to be a deception, for unsurprising reasons.”

Meanwhile, in the deadly wake of the ChiComs’ willful and grossly negligent cover-up of the China Virus, the Demos’ Leftmedia cover-up of Joe Biden’s nefarious ChiCom influence-peddling scheme remains in blackout status.