The Patriot Post® · The Tantrums of Toddler Terrorists

By Nate Jackson ·

All over America on Monday — Patriots’ Day as observed in some states — scores of Hate America hooligans gathered on public streets to block traffic, disrupt economic activity, and generally cause headaches in the name of solidarity with Hamas terrorists.

In Chicago, New York City, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and dozens of other cities, scores of masked goons held signs and Palestinian flags while binding themselves together or chaining themselves to concrete-filled barrels to obstruct roads, including the primary route to Chicago’s O'Hare International Airport and the Golden Gate Bridge. Their stated goal, as posted on their website, was to “identify and blockade major choke points” to cause “the most economic impact” and “cause pain.”

Leftmedia outlets characterize the blockading thugs as protesters seeking a ceasefire to protect Gaza’s civilians. In reality, they support Hamas, which murdered and aims to eradicate Jewish civilians.

As protests go, could there be anything more obnoxious and unsympathetic than blocking roads? What sane person would do this? (That’s rhetorical.) No rational person who is late to work, misses a flight — or has to abandon their car and walk to the terminal with their luggage — or faces a medical emergency is going to say, You know, those fine protesters have a point, and I agree. These protests convince no one and infuriate victims.

Inquiring minds want to know: How much damage to the climate was done by countless idling vehicles?

Comments supportive of the thugs mocked people complaining about being “inconvenienced … while Palestinians are being murdered.” Reminder: Hamas murdered 1,200 Jews on October 7, and Israel responded by killing Hamas fighters. The “Free Palestine” “protesters” have sided with the murderers, not against them.

Worse, they are themselves terrorists of a sort. No, they didn’t kill anyone, but actions intended to cause harm and pain can be considered terrorism. In most cases, police eventually arrested some of the tantrum-throwing toddlers, but the Golden Gate Bridge was shut down for roughly five hours, and Chicago’s airport was blocked for more than an hour. In the Free State of Florida, the Miami “protest” lasted less than 15 minutes before police had it cleared out.

They also have deep-pocketed backers, and readers won’t be a bit surprised by one name that pops up. According to The Washington Free Beacon, “Those who are arrested will receive bail money and legal support from a left-wing dark money behemoth funded by George Soros, an online fundraising page shows.” It may only be a matter of time before Kamala Harris promotes a link to the bail fund — the way she did for Black Lives Matter rioters in 2020.

That financial backing will make quick work of any jail time. Protesters may have been arrested, but they won’t face the same heavy hand of “justice” aimed at praying pro-lifers or the nonviolent tourists swept up with the rioters of January 6.

It may be tempting to ask if the FBI is on the case, but the bureau has had other priorities over the last few years.

Notably, these “protests” were conducted just after Iran launched its first-ever direct military strike against Israel. In an official statement, Joe Biden lied, saying that Iran had “launched an unprecedented air attack against military facilities in Israel.” No, Iran deliberately targeted civilian areas, including the Temple Mount. Biden is transparently pandering to the same people who blocked American roads yesterday — people who support the Jew-murdering terrorists of Hamas with terrorism-light of their own.

When toddlers throw fits, often lying on the floor and screaming, good parents discipline them and do not give them what they want. The adult-size children blocking American roadways clearly had bad parents. A timeout for their criminal behavior would be too kind.