The Patriot Post® · Biden Targets Second Amendment in Second Term

By Thomas Gallatin ·

Reelect me, and I’ll finish the job of infringing gun rights. That’s right — Joe Biden wants to make disarming law-abiding Americans a focus of his second term. In a recently released podcast interview, Biden once again revealed his ignorance of and absolute disdain for the Second Amendment.

Speaking about his agenda for a second term, Biden said: “I think they should be focused on a couple of things. Number one, we’re going to, in a second term, God willing, we’re going to make sure that we do something about gun violence in this country.”

He then added, “The idea that we allow assault weapons to be sold with magazines with 100 rounds is just bizarre.” Really? What is actually bizarre is Biden repeatedly claiming that he taught the Second Amendment in law school, and yet he doesn’t appear to understand what it’s there for.

Furthermore, Biden falsely agreed with the premise that “the Democrats don’t want to take your guns way.” The cognitive dissonance is frankly mind-boggling. Is the AR-15 not a firearm?

Even the bogus term “gun violence” is evidence that the Democrats do indeed want to take Americans’ guns away. Oh, they try to deflect from the blatant lie using disingenuous language like “common sense” gun control, but the fact of the matter is that Democrats don’t want Americans owning firearms.

Biden argued, “The Second Amendment, which I, when I taught law school — the Second Amendment wasn’t absolute ever.” He conveniently left off the “shall not be infringed” portion of this fundamental right.

But Biden didn’t put down the shovel, digging his hole of Second Amendment ignorance even deeper. “You weren’t able to have a cannon when you were — this,” he falsely asserted before losing his train of thought and redirecting, “The [tree of] liberty is watered with the blood of patriots — I mean, that’s a bunch of crap.” Really? The entire reason the United States exists today is because citizen-patriots armed with firearms, including cannons, fought a revolution for independence. That revolution began when British troops came to seize arms and ammunition stores.

As Thomas Jefferson so cogently observed about the nature of mankind, government, and freedom, “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” Biden may believe it to be “crap,” but that just proves he’s not fit for the presidency.

And when it comes to Biden’s repeated and false claim regarding private citizens owning cannons, constitutional scholar Jonathan Turley observes: “Unlike the conversations with a dead man or driving some eighteen-wheeler, the falsity of the story highlights the constitutional challenge to his calls to outlaw assault weapons or high-capacity magazines. There were no federal laws barring cannon ownership when the Second Amendment was enacted. Gun laws remained local matters, and I do not know of any bans on cannons or other gun types until much later in our history.” Turley pointedly adds, “The fact is that the Second Amendment was not viewed or used as a basis for banning certain weapon types.”

Biden’s anti-2A agenda is not really about the rising rates of violent crime across much of the country, most of which is happening in Democrat-run cities with stricter gun laws. This is belied by Biden’s lack of concern for lawlessness. Just take a look at his wide-open southern border and his unwillingness to apply the law to stop the problem.

Biden is desperate to shore up a political base that has become increasingly disenchanted with him. He also wants to curtail the right of private citizens to defend themselves against a tyrannical government and its globalist ambitions.