The Patriot Post® · Bill Clinton Asked to Speak to Iranian Group

By Nate Jackson ·

Two weeks ago, we learned the Bill Clinton sought paid speaking gigs in North Korea and Congo — not exactly upstanding or free nations. Now thanks to a FOIA from Citizens United, we find out that he also asked about one tied to Tehran. “Would USG have any concerns about WJC doing a paid speech for [the] National Iranian American Council (‘NIAC’)?” wrote Ami Desai, an aide to the former president. “We have been approached by the National Iranian American Council (‘NIAC’) for President Clinton to speak at a fundraising gala they are putting on.” Like North Korea and Congo, Clinton didn’t end up giving the speech, but Fox News’ Ed Henry describes why this one was particularly problematic: The National Iranian American Council is “an Iranian government-tied group that has pushed for an end to all U.S. sanctions against Tehran.” So, in 2012, while Hillary was secretary of state and easing up on U.S. policy toward Iran (specifically regarding allowing uranium enrichment), Bill sought to make a fast (few hundred thousand) buck(s) by speaking to Iranians pushing for the eventual outcome of Barack Obama’s terrible Iran deal. Think that might merit a bit of attention?