The Patriot Post® · 'Never Mind Hillary's Actual Breaches, Let's Worry About Trump'

By Thomas Gallatin ·

Barack Obama attempted damage control Thursday as he responded to criticism over his $400 million cash payment to Iran, which has been widely viewed as a ransom for four American hostages. Obama sought to deflect the idea that the payment had anything to do with a “nefarious deal” and criticized the reporting on the story as out of a “spy novel” rather than reality. “It is not at all clear to me why it is that cash as opposed to a check or a wire transfer has made this into a news story. Maybe because it feels like some spy novel or, you know, some crime novel." 

What does it say about Obama that his schemes are so ridiculous that his only defense is to call the stories about them ridiculous? If he wouldn’t run his administration like a crime syndicate, the stories about his administration wouldn’t sound like a crime novel.

Obama then decided to weigh in on the fact that both presidential candidates will be receiving classified security briefings, and that both candidates "have been told these are classified briefings.” He warned that Donald Trump would need to keep this sensitive information secret — to be “able to receive these briefings and not spread them around.” Is he kidding? What of Obama’s former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton? The press conveniently did not raise any objections or questions regarding Hillary and her email scandal. You know, the one in which she sent and received thousands of classified emails — including those with TOP SECRET information — over an unsecured private server. Obama will never mention that again, and the Leftmedia will be happy to not ask.

The idea that Barack “I did not pay a ransom” Obama would worry more about classified security breaches from Trump, who has no record of leaking classified information, rather than Hillary, who by her own handiwork is the most compromised nominee in the history of the nation, is beyond ridiculous. Again, it’s no wonder people read about his administration like it’s a crime novel.