The Patriot Post® · 'Clock Kid' Takes Adversaries to Court

By Jordan Candler ·

You’ll recall the account of Ahmed Mohamed, a young teen of Sudanese lineage who made the unwise decision to bring a self-made “clock” to his school in Irving, Texas, last September. Understandably, the unconventional-looking clock — which appeared more like a caricature of an explosive device — prompted the school and local authorities to assume the worst and investigate the matter. After it was determined there was no threat, the ensuing response elicited a firestorm of allegations of Islamophobia.

It’s worth noting that even college students who evaluated a picture of the device during impromptu interviews were initially unconvinced it was a clock. It doesn’t help either that Ahmed’s father is a 9/11 truther. The suspicion was justified. Still, despite the fact most ordinary people would have taken the same precautionary measures — particularly in this day of escalating terrorism right here in the United States — the Mohamed family decided to use the situation as leverage to promote the emotionally effective “anti-Islam” narrative and make a few bucks in the process.

The financial ruse got underway in November, when the Mohameds requested $15 million in reparations — or else. Well, this week, the Irving Independent School District, MacArthur High School principal Daniel Cummings and the City of Irving were handed an official lawsuit alleging the “Defendants violated Ahmed’s rights under the United States Constitution and the laws of the United States.” It also claims, “Because of all of the lies and conspiracy theories thrown out about Ahmed and his family, he has received not just hate messages, but death threats.”

Which brings us to a somewhat related story — that of Ibtihaj Muhammad, “America’s first hijab-wearing Olympian,” as The Daily Beast described her. The Beast quotes Muhammad as saying, “[I feel unsafe] all the time. I had someone follow me home from practice and try to report me to police. And this is right on 28th and 7th in New York City.”

What happens to Christians who complain in a Muslim country? They lose their jobs, their belongings and even their lives. Muslims who complain in America get to visit the White House and represent our country in the Olympics. As a moderate Muslim, which nation would you rather live in?