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Hans von Spakovsky: “One of the smartest steps President Donald Trump has taken to get our illegal immigration problem under control was ending the Obama administration’s policy known as ‘catch and release.’ Border Patrol agents have long sarcastically called it the ‘catch and run’ policy. Why? Because aliens who have been caught and then released under the stipulation they show up for a scheduled hearing frequently fail to appear in court. … [O]ver the past 20 years, 37 percent of all illegal aliens released pending trial never showed up for court. … There is no other court in America that lets defendants ignore orders to appear. In fact, federal law provides severe penalties for failing to show up to a federal district court. Only in immigration courts can non-citizens disappear and potentially not face the kinds of consequences that a citizen would face for failing to appear in federal district court. When illegal immigrants ignore our courts and ICE doesn’t enforce the law, it destroys the integrity of our legal system and encourages continued illegal immigration. The Trump administration is right to try and prevent illegal aliens from exploiting the loopholes in our immigration court system.”