The Patriot Post® · Transgenders vs. Homosexuals

By Culture Beat ·

In a world where the concept of truth is embraced as never consisting of absolutes, the ideas and particulars by which reality is defined and experienced become nothing more than ambiguous mirages. Such is the growing insanity infecting the cultures of the West. Sadly, what may be the most remarkable impact of postmodernism’s “new morality” on the Western mind is the degree to which hypocrisy is not only accepted but even celebrated.

This hypocrisy of the “new morality” is particularly evident in the National Park Service (NPS). The entire rationale for the existence of the department is for the preservation of nature in the country’s national parks. Through its office of Relevancy, Diversity and Inclusion (RDI), however, the NPS has embraced the absolutely non-natural concept of transgenderism. In other words, feelings over facts, all in service to an agenda that has little to do with preserving natural beauty. Barack Obama loved using the NPS as a petri dish for leftist social engineering, and one result of that is a celebrated transgender park ranger.

In light of the leftist March of Science last week, the irony here is that transgenderism rejects the scientifically verified reality of biologically established and distinguishable male and female genders common to almost all living organisms. This rejection of the truth has even pitted the transgender crusade against others in the homosexual community. While the demand of the homosexual community for acceptance has been based on the argument of being “born that way,” the transgender movement has actively undercut that message. They’re supposedly “born the wrong way,” and they’ve peddled the notion that genders are merely social constructs entirely divorced from any physiological reality.

This utter rejection of nature and science in favor of validating feelings is wrapped in hypocritical religious fervor. Put it all together and the leftist claims upon “science” are as laughable as they are wrong.