The Patriot Post® · Scaramucci in, Scaramucci Out — and Not a New York Minute Too Soon!

By Nate Jackson ·

That was fast. After just 10 days on the job, White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci is out. Certainly his profane tirade against former Chief of Staff Reince Priebus and others in the administration was a factor, though President Donald Trump had to know what he was getting from the pugnacious New Yorker. Trump is a brawler, which won him the White House. It’s also no doubt why he hired a kindred spirit like Scaramucci.

Word from administration sources is that Scaramucci was brought in at least in part to help oust Priebus. With good reason, Hot Air’s Ed Morrissey rejects this spin. “Not to go the full Mooch,” he writes, “but this is unadulterated horse puckey. This explanation conveniently avoids one small detail, which is that Trump could have fired Reince Priebus any time he wanted. He didn’t need the Mooch to offer obscenity-filled interviews that publicly accused the previous chief of staff of schizophrenia and treason to get Priebus to offer his resignation.”

New Chief of Staff John Kelly wasted no time in ousting Scaramucci, doing so immediately after his swearing in. We suspect the firing was a condition of Kelly taking the position. A disciplined Marine general like Kelly wasn’t going to put up with a loose cannon in charge of communications of all things.

This White House has struggled mightily with communications from day one, not least because of the president’s seeming inability to stay on message on Twitter. Kelly may be just the man to get things back on track. In any case, Scaramucci’s hiring was a mistake, and his firing shows a willingness to correct mistakes.