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Gary Bauer: “Investigative reporter Sara Carter told Sean Hannity that three credible sources in the Department of Justice confirmed to her that the FBI did indeed use the discredited Trump/Russia dossier to obtain secret warrants from a special intelligence court to spy on the Trump campaign. Hillary Clinton’s campaign paid a law firm that in turn contracted with Fusion GPS to conduct opposition research on Donald Trump. Fusion hired an ex-British spy who used Russian sources to compile a work of fiction filled with salacious lies. To put it another way, Hillary’s campaign indirectly colluded with the Russians to first defeat Trump and then to destroy his presidency before it could even get started. What makes this so serious is that they were aided and abetted by left-wing ideologues at the highest levels of America’s law enforcement and national security agencies. We should expect our enemies to try to upset our democratic form of government. That is something we can manage because Russia has been trying to upset democracies for a century. What we cannot tolerate are elements within the security apparatus of the United States putting their thumbs on the scale because of their ideology. That is a threat that goes straight to the core of whether we can maintain a constitutional republic and a government of the people, by the people and for the people.”