The Patriot Post® · The Adolescent 2nd Amendment Puppet Protests

By Political Editors ·

In a display of just how dumbed down American students’ civic awareness has become, thousands of students across America walked out of their schools Wednesday, using their First Amendment rights to protest against Second Amendment rights. The Leftmedia coverage has been fawning, to say the least. These kids are viewed with reverence as sages possessing moral authority that cannot be questioned. By contrast, little attention is given to the students who did not walk out, or gathered to show support for our constitutional rights. Spurred on by leftists, however, student protesters are being used as pawns in a play designed to shame conservative lawmakers for not creating more laws to limit the Second Amendment.

A string of Democrats, including Nancy Pelosi and Bernie Sanders, addressed the crowd of students in DC, which speaks volumes about the political agenda. But remember: Democrats don’t care about children unless they can serve the leftist agenda.

Not that students are admitting it. “It’s not Republican or Democrat; it’s about keeping people safe,” said a 16-year-old student from Manhattan. “We know what we want from our society: to have less guns and, at some point, no guns at all.”

There you go — safe spaces and gun confiscation. Unfortunately for this naive young lady, those two are mutually exclusive. Liberty isn’t defended with a smart phone and poster-board sign.

In related news, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio ordered all armed officers removed from New York City schools. You know, because he cares about kids.

Capitulating to the misguided and ill-informed sentiments of a youthful mob is not how wise legislation is enacted — never mind how constitutional rights are defended. Rather it is often the means by which nefarious individuals manipulate the masses in designed efforts to promote their own totalitarian agendas.

Some footnotes.

First, some inconvenient stats, including that violent crime is down and has been for decades, and there is not an epidemic of school shootings.

Second, the House voted 407-10 Wednesday to pass the Student, Teachers, and Officers Preventing (STOP) School Violence Act of 2018. According to The Washington Free Beacon, “The bill would provide new grants to train law enforcement and school personnel on the warning signs for school violence and how to intervene to prevent that violence. It would also provide grants for anonymous alert systems as well as funding for advanced door locks, further cooperation between schools and local law enforcement, and funding for crisis intervention teams.”

Third, there have been no marches protesting the slaughter of innocent men, women and children worldwide by radical Islamists — by whatever deadly means they use. That includes the 49 murdered by a jihadi in Orlando in 2016, as well as the Florida 13-year-old stabbed to death by a radicalized 17-year-old classmate just this week.