The Patriot Post® · Leftist Knives Are Out for Scott Pruitt

By Nate Jackson ·

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt is under fire of late for alleged ethical missteps. One incident was during his transition to the job, when he paid $50 a night for a room in a DC condo, only paying for the nights he stayed there. Democrat and media critics (but we repeat ourselves) allege that the arrangement amounted to, in the words of Democrat Representatives Ted Lieu of California and Don Beyer of Virginia, “an impermissible gift under federal regulations” because he paid “far below market value.” Even two Republicans, Carlos Curbelo and Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, both of Florida, want Pruitt to step down. Never mind that the career ethics official at the EPA cleared the arrangement.

Another “scandal” surrounds Pruitt’s travel and beefed up security. He flies first class rather than coach and considered the use of a private plane, and he spends a lot of money on security. Why? Because ecofascist psychos have leveled death threats against him, along with other lesser physical threats. Never mind that Barack Obama’s EPA chiefs, Lisa Jackson (a.k.a. “Richard Windsor”) and Gina McCarthy, spent more on travel, violated transparency and broke laws.

Long story short, leftists hate Pruitt almost as much as President Donald Trump because he’s been very effective in threatening the Left’s Church of Climate Change Dogma. Mollie Hemingway notes, “When he was attorney general of Oklahoma, he sued the EPA more than a dozen times to get the powerful regulatory agency to stay within its legal authority.” Since taking office at the EPA, a rundown of Pruitt’s accomplishments is impressive. He stewarded the agency through the withdrawal from the Paris climate accord, rolled back Barack Obama’s clean water and clean power regulations, cut costs by $1 billion, pushed through transparency reforms on how the EPA uses science, and, just this week, scrapped Obama’s vehicle-emissions rules.

No wonder ecofascists hate him. Make no mistake: Environmentalism of the type followed by statists is a religion, and Pruitt is worse than at odds with its teachings; he’s directly challenging its tenets and undoing its sacraments. That’s why we’re seeing a coordinated effort to discredit and oust him. Fortunately, Trump called Pruitt Tuesday to tell him to “keep fighting” and that “we have your back.” The Swamp needs draining and that’s why Pruitt must stay.