The Patriot Post® · Twitter CEO Endorses Silencing Republicans

By Thomas Gallatin ·

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey recently endorsed a controversial article that essentially called for the takedown of the Republican Party for a generation or two in order to save the country. In an article entitled “The Great Lesson of California in America’s New Civil War,” authors Peter Leyden and Ruy Teixeira assert that the U.S. is in the midst of an ideological civil war, and that “the way forward is on the path California blazed about 15 years ago.” Leyden and Teixeira point out that California’s Democrat Party so successfully marginalized the Republican Party in the state that it has essentially developed one-party rule, and thus it has been able to move the state more easily “forward.” They ridiculously suggest that California “provides a model for America as a whole.” It appears these leftist writers have been living a little too long in Hollywood fantasy land, where facts have little weight. Ironically, the Democrat Party’s stranglehold on California’s government seems to have produced enough frustration among the states’ citizens that an initiative to break the state up has garnered enough support to make the ballot.

But the bigger story here is not an article by hard leftists who actively advocate for shutting down free speech; rather it’s the fact that Twitter’s Dorsey agrees with the idea. Now, it’s not new news that social media sites like Twitter and Facebook are run by leftists. We have regularly noted their pattern of censoring content from conservative sources. However, what is often not mentioned in the mainstream media is the underlying premise that allowed for the successful establishment and growth of these social media giants: embracing the right to freedom of speech and the subsequent development of technology allowing a greater opportunity for the masses to more broadly exercise their right.

So while there is no question that media platforms like Twitter are privately owned and therefore subject to the whims of their owners, the fuel that allowed for the success of their companies was not something they can control — namely, speech. In other words, leftist social media CEOs like Dorsey, who are actively advocating for silencing speech with which they disagree, are essentially biting the hand that feeds them. People get tired of being told what they are allowed to say and think, and the more elitists attempt to control and suppress the masses, the sooner they will find themselves rejected by them.

Back to the Leyden and Teixeira’s article. Silencing of one side in the ideological divide will do nothing to end the “civil war.” If anything it will only make it grow. It is precisely because leftist politicians chose to play the politics of class warfare and victimization that there is a growing divide within the nation. Stop blaming, belittling and controlling, and start listening to the people.