The Patriot Post® · Leftmedia Falsely Accuses NRA of Advocating Limits to Free Speech

By Political Editors ·

Responding to an argument without fully understanding the point that is being made only serves to make the responder look foolish. Or as Proverbs puts it, “It’s stupid and embarrassing to give an answer before you listen.” Such was the case recently when the Leftmedia outlet Vice News published an article blasting the National Rifle Association for a video by Colion Noir. The article’s headline read, “NRA wants Congress to set ‘limitations’ on how the news can cover school shootings.” Gee, so Noir, a popular leader in the effort to defend Americans’ Second Amendment rights, was exposed for calling on the government to limit Americans’ First Amendment rights? That’s what Vice News would have you believe, in spite of the fact that Noir was making exactly the opposite point.

Article author Tess Owen writes, “The National Rifle Association is calling for outright censorship as news of yet another school shooting dominates national headlines.” She then quotes Noir in the NRA video, who says, “It’s time to put an end to this glorification of carnage in pursuit of ratings, because it’s killing our kids.” Owen then notes that the video was posted online less than a week after 10 people were killed in the Santa Fe High School attack in Texas. She then adds another Noir quote, “It’s time for Congress to step up and pass legislation putting common sense limitations on #MSM’s ability to report on these school shootings.”

Once again here is another example of why context and content matter. After Noir makes the quote above, the video fades to black and then after a moment Noir pops back into view to make the following statement: “You know that feeling of anxiety that shot through your body when I said the government should pass laws to limit the media’s ability to exercise their First Amendment right? That’s the same feeling gun owners get when they hear people say the same thing about the Second Amendment.” Noir then explains how he does believe that the mainstream media’s over-the-top coverage of these school attacks contributes to copy-cat behavior, but that he is opposed to any government enforcement against the freedom of the press. Noir concludes, “I vehemently disagree with the government infringing on the media’s First Amendment rights the same way I don’t believe the government should infringe on anyone’s Second Amendment rights.”

It’s a highly effective video exposing the fallacy of the gun-control activists’ narrative about not wanting to abolish the Second Amendment and yet wanting to limit gun rights. But even more so, the video proves the point that many conservatives have long argued — the outright anti-conservative bias of many MSM reporters, who are more agenda-driven activists than they are investigative journalists.

Here is the NRATV video in question: