The Patriot Post® · Cali Demo Cartel Rejects Feinstein in March to Hard Left

By Thomas Gallatin ·

The majority of Americans in general loathe extremes and this is especially so with politics. Like Goldilocks, Americans prefer the comfortable mid-zone of the “just right.” This reality quickly bares out with a cursory look at the history of one-party control of both the executive and legislative branches of government. Since World War II, the same party has controlled the presidency and both houses of Congress just 16 times, including currently. Hence the optimism expressed by Democrats and much of the mainstream media that the party of the donkey will win a majority in Congress this November. And conventional wisdom based upon past history would tend to agree with that assessment, though today’s Democrat Party is anything but conventional.

Following Millennial socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s shocking victory over the number four House Democrat, Rep. Joe Crowley (NY) — a man widely regarded as the frontrunner to succeed Nancy Pelosi in leadership — the California Democrat Party spurned long-time party stalwart Sen. Dianne Feinstein. For November’s election, the Party instead endorsed hard-leftist Kevin de León by a whopping 65% to Feinstein’s 7%. De León’s political platform epitomizes that of the radical Left — abolishing the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency, national health care, and impeaching President Donald Trump.

Still, the 85-year-old Feinstein is in little danger — she came in first in California’s jungle primary over distant second-place finisher de León, leaving Republicans and moderates little choice between the two. Yet one thing is becoming increasingly clear: The Democrat Party is rejecting the middle ground and is running left faster than many had envisioned. Moderate is fast becoming an epithet in Democrat circles, as evidenced by radical leftists like billionaire activist Tom Steyer, who has refused to back off his call for Trump’s impeachment. He recently warned Democrats, “If you don’t have what it takes to lead now, when we are totally under the gun, then don’t come asking for support later. Lead, follow, or get out of the way.”

Meanwhile, average Democrat voters are indeed walking away.

National Review’s John Fund observes, “Such views detract from Democrats’ ability to use Trump as a bogeyman with moderates who will decide which party controls Congress and the White House. If warmed-over Marxists think they can scare voters into supporting Democrats by flying Donald Trump blimps and brandishing his image on posters, they may be in for a rude surprise in general elections.”

Indeed, Democrats seem so lost in their Trump Derangement Syndrome they can’t see that it’s their leftist extremism that is serving to further distance them from mainstream America. If Democrats don’t regain control of Congress come November (and it appears increasingly likely they won’t) they will have only themselves to blame.