The Patriot Post® · Another Leftist Attacks a Republican

By Political Editors ·

This past Sunday afternoon in Castro Valley, California, an individual clearly upset by the fact that Donald Trump is the president attacked Republican House candidate Rudy Peters. The individual in question is one Farzad Fazeli, who screamed obscenities as he attempted to pull a knife and attack Peters. At the time of the attack, Peters was manning a booth at a fall festival when Fazeli come up to the booth, raised his middle finger and began screaming, “F—k Trump, f—k Trump,” and then he ran around the booth, trying to pull his knife and yelling at Peters, “I’m going to kill you, motherf—er.”

Fortunately, the pink switchblade Fazeli wielded in his attack on Peters failed to open, as others quickly intervened to end the assault. The police soon arrived and arrested Fazeli for felony assault, criminal threats, brandishing a weapon, and possession of a switchblade knife.

Meanwhile, a Republican Party office in Laramie, Wyoming, was burned by arsonists just days after it opened. And a psychotic leftist threatened mass murder at a “Make America Great Again” event in DC at Trump’s hotel, saying on Twitter, “I am coming with a gun and i expect to get numerous bloodstained MAGA hats as trophies.”

Once again we have examples of leftists engaging in or threatening violence, and yet Democrats like California Rep. Maxine Waters, who has publicly called on people to harass Trump supporters, has been given a pass by the mainstream media. In fact, Waters recently even joked about it, quipping, “And of course the lying president said that I had threatened all of his constituents. I did not threaten his constituents and supporters. I do that all the time, but I didn’t do that that time.” She further demurred, “What bothered me so much was they tried to frame that [statement calling for harassment] as violence. That’s not violence.”

Interestingly, it is the antifa leftists, especially in the state of California, that have engaged in violence, having justified it by claiming that political speech with which they disagree is equivalent to physical violence. Waters’s words are not calls for civility but for aggression.

Rep. Steve Scalise, who survived an assassination attempt by a raving Bernie Sanders socialist last year, warned, “Leadership on the Democrats’ side needs to stand up and say this is wrong, no matter what your differences with the president or anybody else.” If Democrats aren’t careful, this uncivil rhetoric will lead to more than random violence.