The Patriot Post® · Two Different Marches Receive Two Very Different Reactions

By Jordan Candler ·

Imagine if half a million or more people communally marched on the U.S. southern border every single year. By implementing an open-borders policy and refusing immigration enforcement, that’s what the current “caravasion” consisting of several thousand illegal immigrant invaders theoretically could become under leftist rule. These migrants are encouraged to break the law because the Democrat Party insists there’s an injustice in refusing to receive them. And you can bet that a group of 10,000 or 14,000 illegals multiplied by the dozen would produce media coverage replete with even greater anti-secure-border fulminating and even more stentorian sympathy for migrant members. Any other news would be put on the back burner.

Some wouldn’t know it, but another march already exists with a far greater number of protesters than that of the approaching caravan. Not only are the participants here legally, but sadly, they receive virtually zero coverage — even though they desperately fight to preserve the dignity and protection of life. Students for Life of America president Kristan Hawkins makes an interesting comparison in the Washington Examiner, where her latest piece is headlined, “Media fawn over caravan, but thousands more gather to end abortion and get no coverage.” She writes:

The human story told in moving pictures is presumed to impact how people may vote. The tragedy is that the event is ignored by the media, who turn a blind eye to the passions of a diverse group of people moved to act. Of course I’m not talking about the caravan of migrants that has received around-the-clock coverage with contemplation about how their concerns may impact key voting demographics. I’m talking about the March for Life. Funny how hundreds of thousands of people, year after year, can stand together in the worst weather, and few in the fourth estate can be bothered to notice. While a march of immigrants about 14,000 strong is considered noteworthy, record-breaking crowds of up to 650,000 have come together peacefully year and after year to call upon our government and fellow citizens to remember the humanity of mothers and their pre-born infants.

Columnist Cal Thomas wonders, “If people hostile to us — say Russians, communists from China, religious extremists from the Middle East — were attempting to cross our border in large numbers, would most people be alarmed?” By extension, if thousands of anti-abortion activists were marching on our border, would Democrats be so adamant about allowing them in? Every year the March for Life attracts massive interests — except from the fourth estate and pro-death lawmakers. Extremists are those who wish to see the eradication of a sovereign nation for the sake of broadening their constituencies while ignoring the death and destruction of the most vulnerable among us — unborn children.