The Patriot Post® · Donkeys Fight Over Who to Hate

By Nate Jackson ·

It seems like only yesterday that House Democrats were going to steadfastly rebuke the racist face of anti-Semitism in their ranks once and for all.

Oh, wait; it was yesterday. And they declined to do so amid intra-party squabbling over identity politics.

The recurring theme of freshman Rep. Ilhan Omar’s anti-Semitism brought Democrats to the brink of introducing a resolution condemning such anti-Semitism, though avoiding actually naming Omar. In fact, Nancy Pelosi even offered the asinine assessment that Omar’s comments were not “intentionally anti-Semitic.” But an uprising led by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez forced an expansion of that resolution to include “all forms of hate,” including “Islamaphobia.” It’s no coincidence that Omar is Muslim. The Latina Ocasio-Cortez even wants anti-“Latinx+” statements to draw a rebuke.

Several 2020 presidential contenders from the Senate, including Kamala Harris, Bernie Sanders, and Elizabeth Warren, jumped to Omar’s defense.

Pelosi even reportedly grew so frustrated that she dropped her microphone and walked out of a closed-door Democrat meeting, bitterly complaining, “Well if you’re not going to listen to me, I’m done talking.” Perhaps all she needed to do was sleep on it, as Democrats will reportedly vote on the watered-down resolution later today.

The Wall Street Journal aptly notes, “An exercise that began with trying to distance Democrats from an anti-Semitic slur has evolved into a display of political cowardice that equates smears against Jews that have a horrific historical meaning with generalized ‘hate.’ Thus does a specific hatred get consumed, and trivialized, in today’s Democratic identity politics. And Ms. Omar can keep her Foreign Affairs Committee seat.”

Moreover, while Ocasio-Cortez wants to deflect this hate problem to Republicans, it is Democrats who are trafficking in hatred these days — especially hate for Donald Trump. In fact, that’s what’s so ironic about this whole thing. As PowerLine’s John Hinderaker points out, “Ilhan Omar hates like a Democrat, and she openly expresses that hate like a Democrat. The problem is that she hates people who mostly support the Democratic Party.” I.e., Jews. As long as the hate is directed at groups leftists deem worthy of it, especially on the Right, Democrats are pleased. But you have to hate the “correct” people.