The Patriot Post® · Biden Makes It 20 for 2020

By Nate Jackson ·

Will he or won’t he? It’s the question that has dogged Joe Biden for months now. He answered that question by announcing earlier in the week that he would be announcing his third presidential bid today via a video announcement and a kick-off rally on Monday in Pittsburgh. Even before throwing his hat in the ring to become the 20th Democrat candidate — 32 years after launching his first campaign in 1987 — the 76-year-old Biden loomed large in the race. Most polls show him in the leader group, though no doubt that’s largely due to name recognition.

That’s why it was no wonder to see Democrats and their Leftmedia mouthpieces preemptively rip Biden to shreds in recent weeks over what everyone has known about him for 40 years — he likes to touch females during ceremonies and photo ops. It’s not that Biden’s behavior hasn’t always been creepy, but this particular Democrat primary season makes all sorts of old news new again.

But The Wall Street Journal reports on Biden’s strategy to take the “middle” lane: “In the months leading up to his announcement, Mr. Biden said he would run as an ‘Obama-Biden Democrat,’ seeking to cast himself as a healing figure for a divided nation and restoring many of the Obama-era policies that have been reversed or challenged by Mr. Trump’s administration.” As a purported “blue-collar guy” from Scranton, Biden believes he could compete for the Rust Belt voters who gave Donald Trump their votes and the presidency.

His trouble will be winning the Democrat nomination as an old white guy who’s not a full socialist. Indeed, aside from his creepy touching and regular gaffes, Biden’s biggest obstacle is his own record — extensive, failed, and not where today’s Democrat Party is on the issues. The old white guy who wrote the book on the party’s Democratic Socialism, Bernie Sanders, leads the fundraising field with $26.6 million. Biden begins with $0.

Yet based on his announcement video, he’s clearly hoping to capitalize on division in a phony call for unity — by using the Leftmedia’s fake news about Trump and Charlottesville. He aims to raise money on and garner votes for his experience and unique ability to be “Not Trump.” But how unique is that in a party with nothing but a Hate Trump platform?

Update 4/26: Well, Biden’s off to a great start, raising $6.3 million in just the first 24 hours…