The Patriot Post® · BSA Leaders and Demos Ignore Homosexual Predators

By Culture Beat ·

The Boy Scouts of America, at the national level, has certainly fumbled past policies regarding abusers. As we have written plainly, BSA’s current policies regarding homosexual Scout leaders are PC absurdity. But it’s interesting to note that the latest Democrat inquiry into Scouts, and the letter of apology from the chief Scout executive, do not dare mention the fact that BSA now affirms homosexual leaders of Boy Scout units.

California Democrat Rep. Jackie Speier is leading a probe into abuse claims against the BSA, and a striking letter from BSA Chief Executive Michael B. Surbaugh walks back previous denials about reinstating leaders suspected of abuse. “When I sent my response to your November 20, 2018 letter, I believed in good faith, and with deeply felt conviction, that BSA would never have knowingly allowed a sexual predator to work with youth,” he wrote to Speier. “Since then, I have learned that my response was incorrect. I have reviewed information that now makes clear to me that decades ago BSA did, in at least some instances, allow individuals to return to Scouting even after credible accusations of sexual abuse. I am devastated that this ever occurred. On behalf of BSA, I sincerely apologize to the individuals affected by this practice.”

Furthermore, emphasizing the disconnect between local Scouting organizations and the national BSA board, area Scout executives were told nothing about these letters to Congress.

Mark Alexander is the father of two Eagle Scouts, and an executive Scout council board member who was a Scout leader for 15 years. He has strongly objected to the BSA’s politically correct policy of welcoming homosexual leaders. Regarding the BSA’s acknowledgement of prior homosexual predation by Scout leaders, Alexander notes, “The the absurd current PC policy of affirming homosexual Scout leaders is in obvious conflict with the past history of homosexual leader predation on boys. That conflict is the 600 pound gorilla in the room, yet neither the Democrats investigating the BSA abuses nor the inept BSA national leadership dare acknowledge it.”