The Patriot Post® · MSM Parrots Dems' Anti-Trump Immigration Narrative

By Thomas Gallatin ·

President Donald Trump is a “racist” and the proof is in the fact that he is doing … exactly what Barack Obama did. The mainstream media trumpeted the first part while failing to mention that significant fact about Obama making the same decision. Is it any wonder the vast majority of the American public has lost trust in the fake news media? Could it be any more obvious that the Leftmedia is the propaganda arm of the Democrat Party?

Case in point, with the ongoing border crisis threatening to stretch the Department of Homeland Security to the bursting point, DHS, in an effort to find more facilities to house the ballooning number of detained illegal aliens, has decided to use underutilized space on several military bases. One of these locations, Fort Sill in Oklahoma, was used as a Japanese internment camp during WWII. The situational correlation between the detaining of immigrants caught illegally crossing into the U.S. versus the interment of American citizens simply because of their Japanese ethnicity is not even remotely similar other than the location being the same. But that didn’t stop the MSM from conflating the two. Take a look at these headlines:

  • The Trump administration will detain hundreds of migrant children at a military base that was once used as a Japanese internment camp —Business Insider

  • Trump Admin to Use Army Base That Once Served as Japanese Internment Camp to House 1,400 Migrant Kids —The Daily Beast

  • Trump Administration to Use Former Japanese Internment Camp to House Migrant Children —Fortune

  • Trump Administration to Hold Migrant Children at Base That Served as WWII Japanese Internment Camp —Time

  • Trump administration to house migrant children at Fort Sill, which once served as a Japanese internment camp —USA Today

  • Geronimo and the Japanese were imprisoned there. Now Fort Sill will hold migrant children — again. —The Washington Post

The truth is that Obama did the exact same thing. As the Obama administration was struggling with a surge in illegal immigration in 2014, DHS elected to house more than 7,700 migrant children on military bases, including Fort Sill. It was a temporary measure that ended a few months later.

This latest bit of propaganda harkens back to last year when the Leftmedia played the same blame game with Trump for detaining illegal-alien children “in cages,” while the MSM intentionally ignored the glaring fact that the same policy had been implemented and applied under Obama. On top of that, many of the photos circulated by the MSM at the time were actually taken during Obama’s presidency.

Once again, rather than hold Democrats to account for their lawless open-border policies that have caused and fueled the border crisis — a crisis that has increased human trafficking, especially of children — the Leftmedia instead pushes the fallacious Democrat narrative of Trump’s supposedly racist motivation behind his efforts to stop illegal immigration. If the MSM and Democrats truly cared for the plight of these migrant children, then they would be giving Trump all the funding needed to build a wall to better secure the border and enforce the nation’s immigration laws.