The Patriot Post® · Capitalism Against Climate Change

By Political Editors ·

The UN’s International Panel on Climate Change recently released a report claiming that the world’s oceans are warming to an alarming degree. “The oceans are sending us so many warning signals that we need to get emissions under control,” claimed the report’s lead author, marine biologist Hans-Otto Portner. “Ecosystems are changing, food webs are changing, fish stocks are changing, and this turmoil is affecting humans.”

The New York Times informs us, “The report, which was written by more than 100 international experts and is based on more than 7,000 studies, represents the most extensive look to date at the effects of climate change on oceans, ice sheets, mountain snowpack and permafrost.”

The report asserts that if fossil-fuel emissions continue their rapid rise, then “the maximum amount of fish in the ocean that can be sustainably caught could decrease by as much as a quarter by century’s end.” One of the report’s coauthors, Michael Oppenheimer, argued, “The oceans and the icy parts of the world are in big trouble and that means we’re all in big trouble, too. The changes are accelerating.”

Quick, somebody tell Barack Obama that he’ll need a supply of sandbags for his new $15 million oceanfront home.

Meanwhile, in Washington, DC, climate protesters physically blocked roads Monday, stopping traffic for hours. At least one of them held up a sign saying, “Capitalism Is Killing The Planet.” Actually, capitalism is the way to save the planet. And as we’ve repeatedly noted, the real motivation behind all this environmental activism is not the environment at all; rather it’s an excuse to push the socialist agenda. Yet as Murray Feshbach and Alfred Friendly wrote in their 1992 book entitled Ecocide in the USSR: Health and Nature Under Siege, “When historians finally conduct an autopsy of the Soviet Union and Soviet Communism, they may reach the verdict of death by ecocide. For the modern era, indeed for any event except the mysterious collapse of the Mayan empire, it would be a unique but not an implausible conclusion.”

What Feshbach and Alfred point out is the fact that communism, not capitalism, was proved to be massively damaging to the environment and people. “No other great industrial civilization so systematically and so long poisoned its land, air, water, and people” as the Soviet Union. Not coincidentally, the world is now seeing a similar disregard for the environment from the central planners in communist China.

By 2017, U.S. carbon emission had dropped to 1993 levels. According to economist Mark Perry, “For that impressive ‘greening’ of America, we can thank the underground oceans of America’s natural gas that are now accessible because of the revolutionary, advanced drilling and extraction technologies of hydraulic fracking and horizontal/directional drilling, and are increasingly displacing coal for the nation’s electricity generation.”

In other words, capitalism and free enterprise will enrich more people and provide more solutions for our planet’s issues than any socialist pipe dream, all the promises of the “Green New Deal” notwithstanding.