The Patriot Post® · How MSM Impeachment 'Pollaganda' Shapes Public Opinion

By Mark Alexander ·

Now that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has green-lighted the Demos’ Obstruction 2.0 charade — an “impeachment inquiry,” but without an actual House vote on this political theater — impeachment speculation churn has saturated every news-cycle loop. And that means (SHOCK) that when media outlets then poll public opinion on what they have been telling them 24/7, opinions will shift.

Recently, I pulled a top-of-the-fold headline from The Washington Post to demonstrate how the news cycle serves, in effect, as a mass “push poll,” or what we coined years ago as “Pollaganda” — “mainstream media saturation of news-cycle loops with a particular narrative bias, then polling media consumers for their perspective as shaped by that narrative or bias.” It is an incestuous cycle of media deception.

Consequently, public opinion is shifting on impeachment of Donald Trump.

After the Democrats’ Obstruction 1.0 charade was exposed for the fraud it was in the final Mueller report, poll numbers supporting impeachment dropped significantly.

However, Democrats and their Leftmedia propagandists have now re-fired their base with their latest ruse, and accordingly, polling in support of impeachment has climbed. In July, a Quinnipac poll reported that 32% of Americans supported impeachment. In August, a Monmouth poll reported 35% support for impeachment.

After Pelosi’s announcement, the Politico/Morning Consult poll reported 43% support for impeachment. And completing the impeachment Pollaganda cycle comes this headline from The Hill: “Public opinion polls show shift toward impeaching Trump.” Now that the full force of the media is trumping up impeachment, Hill-HarrisX reports that impeachment support is 47% and CAPS-Harris reports it’s now split 50-50. And that is exactly the calculus of the Pollaganda cycle.

This polling propaganda cycle is akin to the “lemming effect,” where collective actions compel individuals to comport with their group, with undesirable or even tragic results. It is an insidious and fallacious deception, and media organizations pushing such poll results without the Pollaganda disclaimer (that would be every news organization but The Patriot Post) has forfeited the last shreds of any journalistic integrity they may have once possessed.

Finally, regarding the question of the effect the Democrats’ impeachment charade will have on the 2020 presidential election, political observer David Thornton notes, “If public opinion is swinging rapidly based on the new revelations then it drastically changes the political calculus of impeachment. Where many Republicans assumed that impeachment would help the president politically, the opposite may be true given the widespread opinion that Trump’s actions were wrong.”