The Patriot Post® · The 'Transgender' Agenda: The Tip of the Totalitarian Spear

By Arnold Ahlert ·

In their pursuit of unassailable power by any means necessary, American leftists have decided that tolerance and tyranny are interchangeable terms. Nothing says that clearer than their efforts to force feed the “transgender” agenda to children in school — without parental knowledge or permission.

On January 26, the California Teachers Association (CTA) held a meeting where members decided to change existing policy and add “transgender and non-binary youth” to the list of students who can leave class for medical reasons — absent their parents’ permission. “While the updated policy does not include ‘hormone therapy’ explicitly, the rationale discussed by CTA’s civil rights committee in making the policy change indicates that’s the final goal,” the Epoch Times reports.

The Epoch Times learned of this development when concerned teachers reported it to the news site. And while the changes have not been made publicly available, CTA spokeswoman Claudia Briggs confirmed the new policy reads as follows: “CTA believes comprehensive school based health care clinics are needed to bring caring and responsive services to young people. The clinics shall provide cisgender, transgender and non-binary youth equal and confidential access to decision-making rights for students and their families.”

These changes arise from a statement printed by the CTA Report of Board of Directors, Committees, and Items of New Business in June 2019. It is equally provocative: “Current interpretation of California state law does not allow trans students to begin gender identity confirming hormone therapy without the consent of both legal guardians, however it does allow for cis minors to receive hormones (e.g. birth control) without the barrier of parental permission. This inequity of decision-making forces some children to go through the wrong puberty and can negatively impact the child’s mental health.”

Note the incrementalism. The CTA wants to frame hormone therapy per se as a civil-rights issue, not a medical one. Thus the same progressives who succeeded in usurping parental rights regarding birth control — which in many states extends to minors getting actual abortions without parental permission or knowledge — now demand the “right” to usurp parental rights regarding life-altering hormone therapy in pursuit of “sex change.”

Of course, the CTA insists that hormone therapy is identity confirming rather than the rejection of chromosomal and biological reality — the “sexual dysphoria” — it really is.

“Teachers and others public school educators adopted this policy, belief statement, to ensure that all students have equal rights regardless of zip code, skin color, language they speak and who they love,” Briggs insists. “The intent of the policy is not to circumvent parents or guardians.”

Nonsense. California’s Family Code 6925, in place since the 1990s, allows minors to receive birth control and/or abortions without parental consent. And in 2013, the state enacted Assembly Bill 1266, a.k.a. the “School Success and Opportunity Act.” It states that school employees are not allowed to inform parents about a child’s “gender identity” unless the child gives consent. Moreover, while “The California Healthy Youth Act & 2019 Health Education Curriculum Framework” allows parents to opt out of sex education, it requires them to expose their children to materials that discuss gender, gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation.

The ostensible reason? The framework states, “Dispelling myths, breaking down stereotypes and linking students to resources can help prevent bullying, self-harm, feelings of hopelessness, and serious considerations of suicide.”

If there is anything more “mythical” than the idea that a boy can become a girl, or vice versa, simply by saying so, one is hard-pressed to imagine what it is.

In Wisconsin, parents are pushing back. They are suing the Madison school district, alleging its transgender policy is unconstitutional. The policy, enacted in 2018, states that a person’s gender identity can be male, female, a blend of both or neither, and determined by that same self-identification.

The intent of the policy? To “disrupt the gender binary” with educational material that will teach children gender is a choice. Even more insidious? While parental consent is still required to change a student’s name and gender in official district records, students are “unofficially” allowed to do so without it. And while all teachers and district staff are required to address those students by their chosen names and pronouns and are prevented from revealing these duplicitous machinations to parents or guardians.

“There is no compelling government interest in keeping secret from parents that their child is dealing with gender dysphoria,” the lawsuit says.

Oh yes there is. Above all else, “fundamental transformation of the United States” requires an all-out assault on this nation’s traditions, mores, customs, and culture. Nothing is a firmer bulwark against that transformation than the nuclear family, buttressed by thousands of years of common understanding about biology and sex. Thus, the intrusion of the state into matters that should be none of its business must be relentless — and ever-expanding.

None of this would be possible without collaboration by a medical community that is totally ethically compromised. Surgical procedures such as double mastectomies are performed on otherwise healthy 13-year-old girls and chemical castration is sought for boys as young as seven. The medical community views these as life-enhancing efforts rather than medical malpractice and child abuse.

Nothing makes that reality clearer than testimonials complied by the Kelsey Coalition that reveal the extent of the damage inflicted on parents and the children themselves by medical professionals, whose default position is transition — even to the point where such transition includes performing surgery on autistic children — and school officials who counsel parents to “medically transition” children as young as 11.

Victim Sydney Wright recounted her personal experience with this agenda, explaining that she was once “a beautiful girl heading toward high school graduation. But after taking testosterone for a year, I turned into an overweight, prediabetic nightmare of a transgender man.”

This dynamic is made possible by a progressive-controlled public-school system that has used the removal of religion from the classroom to remove of all morality, making rebuttal of the progressive agenda virtually impossible. Thus, the same school nurse that can point a 13-year-old to the nearest abortion clinic is largely precluded from telling that same child that abortion is wrong.

Moreover, cowardice and intimidation abounds: A number of school officials, medical professionals, and parents would rather submit to virtually anything in lieu of being called “transphobic” courtesy of a Transgender Mafia that has even hammered ostensible allies like Martina Navratilova and others for daring to suggest that “trans” women should not be allowed to participate in women’s sports.

In a better world, the “T” would face expulsion from the LGTBQ community, and children would be required to wait until adulthood before making life-altering decisions. In this one, a reordering of reality itself — in pursuit of totalitarianism — must be accommodated.

Americans must be clear on that last point. If reality itself can be determined solely by self-identification — “my truth” on steroids — then two plus two can eventually equal five, as more and more concessions become incrementally demanded. Thus above all else, a government-enforced transgender agenda must be seen for what it truly is: The tip of the totalitarian spear.