The Patriot Post® · How a Military Buildup Helps the Recovery

By Harold Hutchison ·

When it comes to helping the economy recover from the damage done by fighting the Wuhan coronavirus, one of the best options for a Phase 4 stimulus would be a military buildup. While some Patriots would rightly worry about expanding government spending, this is not akin to some of the pork-laden bills of the past. Indeed, national defense is one of the few authorized expenditures listed in the Constitution.

While there is a need for major infrastructure spending, the military has also needed a boost for a long time. We’ve discussed how the force structures of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard need expansion. Even the new Space Force will have a lot of needs.

So, given that one very important responsibility the Constitution lays out for the federal government is national defense, a military buildup after some of the strains we are seeing from fighting the Global War on Terror is arguably a necessity. But it will also help our economic recovery.

First of all, a big part of this buildup is actually building things. Building the items to protect our national security — the planes, ships, tanks, and even a humble rifle — takes people in factories. This is an economic win-win. We obtain the gear needed for our national security, people secure good jobs, and when those workers are spending money, it helps the economy by making other businesses (stores, restaurants, etc.) profitable. Replacing the old carriers we foolishly scrapped is of paramount importance. Right now, when it comes to facing China, we should not be cutting Marine Corps helicopters and tanks for a fight against China; we should be building a lot more of them for the Marines.

Second, a larger military will mean a lot less unemployed as well. Someone will have to man the new planes, ships, tanks, and carry the rifles. That doesn’t include all the support personnel, either. When they finish their service, they will have ample skills for the civilian world to make their way in life and to enjoy the things they value the most.

Third, if you want to make China pay for its cover-up, a stronger military is one way to go. In fact, a stronger military is part of a one-two-three punch when combined with returning manufacturing to America (especially from China) and with openly pursuing closer ties with Taiwan.

Fourth, a stronger military will help the recovery by providing world stability. If the United States doesn’t need to break a sweat to smack around a local tinpot who is acting like a rogue state, then others might decide to just keep their nefarious behavior within their own borders. Peace always makes creating prosperity even better.

The fact is, when Phase 4 of our response to COVID-19 takes place, infrastructure is a big part of it, but the military should also get a huge helping of support. After all, when the world changes, we may not be able to predict every response accurately. But if potential adversaries know we can decisively respond, a strong military may prove to be a huge bargain, in addition to helping us recover from the present ordeal.