The Patriot Post® · COVID-19 Is Casus Belli With Status Quo at UN

By Harold Hutchison ·

While dealing with the Wuhan coronavirus is taking up a lot of America’s attention, it doesn’t mean we should avoid thinking about the future. The fact of the matter is that while we have to hold the People’s Republic of China accountable, the Butchers of Beijing are not the only ones who bear a great deal of blame for that outbreak becoming a global pandemic.

There needs to be a long look at the World Health Organization, which was an accessory to the cover-up that emerged from what was, at best, reckless disregard for, if not a depraved indifference to, people’s lives that seems to permeate the Beijing regime. Even after Taiwan warned the WHO of the risk of human-to-human transmission of COVID-19, the WHO was still citing the Chinese Communist claims that there was no evidence of such transmission.

Right now, the United States pays roughly $331 million every two years to the WHO, half in dollars, half in Swiss francs. The WHO even sends invoices. Barring some serious changes, including (but not limited to) the resignation of the director-general (with a parting gift of a wakizashi wrapped in rice paper) and the immediate inclusion of Taiwan as a full member, this invoice should be challenged.

For $331 million, at the very least the WHO should be reliably reporting data and calling out countries that create pandemics by covering up outbreaks. The fact is, we have seen a massive breach of trust. We could fund far more in terms of securing America from threats than paying those dues to an unreformed WHO.

But the WHO is only part of the United Nations that has many of the same flaws. The same regime that lied to the world about COVID-19 is now on the Human Rights Commission. It’s as if the Uigher concentration camps and slave labor don’t exist. Or Tiananmen Square never happened, even though we have footage of the massacre taking place.

All the while, Taiwan, a country with free and fair elections, is excluded. This can no longer be seen as an acceptable situation from the United Nations. Then again, Taiwan is not the only situation that should change at the UN — there is also the constant bullying of Israel that needs to end. After all, America donated the land for the UN headquarters, America pays a good chunk of the UN’s bills … and what do we get for that money?

An organization under UN auspices aided Communist China in a cover-up that has resulted in thousands of Americans dying and tens of thousands being sickened. Even after it’s clear to a reasonable person that Communist China has lied, the WHO still parrots Beijing’s propaganda. We see allies getting bullied. Another functional democracy is systemically excluded. Regimes that imprison, torture, and kill people over religious observance sit on a council intended to promote human rights.

We deserve a heck of a lot more from the UN than what we’re getting for our money, and the failures that led to thousands of American dead are cause for a figurative war to reform that body. If the UN can’t make the serious reforms needed — or worse (and more likely), if it refuses to do so — America needs to be willing to take decisive action, including, if necessary, walking away from that rotten body, and maybe turning its headquarters into a hotel and convention center.

At least then there would be something highly functional in that building.